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Vent: no rain plan

I know this is not my problem, and I shouldn't be worried, but I can't stop shaking my head. 

My FFIL is getting married on Saturday outside at his fiance's sister's house. It's all outside. No tent. No umbrellas. There is going to be a full sit down meal outside, coupled with a harpist, dance floor etc. From day one they have had no rain plan. There are 60 people coming. 

The kicker? 

The forecast calls for thundershowers all weekend. Right now there is a 90% chance. 

So my future step-mother-in-law (that's a mouthful) calls me up today in tears wondering what she is going to do. She's trying to call around for tents, but said they can't get one big enough in time for the big day on Saturday.

UGH! How can they not have ANY rain plan?!?! I asked her if we can just move it all inside and she said there is no room for everyone, as inside is where the catering people are taking up most of the space. 

Saturday should be interesting to say the least... I hope it works out for them.
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Re: Vent: no rain plan

  • I think you can get big tents at Costco, but you would have to buy them instead of renting. And i'm sure it's expensive. It sounds like they need to start getting really creative with what little space they have in the house so they have a plan B.

    :( That sucks! GL to them, and we'll all think dry, sunny thoughts!
    We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
  • ReghanReghan
    Is there any way they can put posts in the ground or built up some kind of simple frame and stretch tarp or something over the top/sides? It's crunch time now, but if they have no back-up plan whatsoever, desperate times call for desperate measures.
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