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How far would you drive to attend a wedding? We want to have a wedding by the water, but it's a tad bit of a hike. If you were not an immediate family member or part of the bridal party, how far would you travel to attend? Thanks!

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    I've flown from Boston to LA to attend a weekend wedding.  I was on the ground for 36 hours before flying home again.

    I drove 9 hours one way (one time in a car with no air conditioning, incidentally) to attend a Saturday wedding.  Twice.

    I've never been to a hometown wedding.  Attending a wedding has always included travel so it doesn't even faze me.  But, I'm not everyone.

    I think if your crowd isn't used to traveling, then your best bet is to ensure that there are reasonably priced hotel rooms near your venue.  That way, people can decide if they want to spend the night or drive home.

    I did drive to a Saturday wedding once from Philadelphia to Queens (through Manhattan).  I didn't spend the night and drove home afterwards.  That was about 2.5 hrs each way (traffic) and probably my limit for not getting a hotel room.
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