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Sunrise at Haleakala (Maui)

I hear this is gorgeous and a must do for a Hawaiian HM... However not sure its worth the $200 tour... anyone go on the tour and think it was worth it? Or has anyone driven to the top of the mountain on their own and think that was enough?  I am going to be honest, both my FI and I could care less about the history of the mountain and the parks, etc (that come with the tour).... we just want to see a beautiful and romantic sunrise.  Any advice would be helpful, thanks :)
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Re: Sunrise at Haleakala (Maui)

  • I drove up on my own ($10 entrance fee) and watched the sunrise from the top.  It was amazing.  We then hiked around the crater and drove back down.

    You do NOT need to take a tour at all, unless you think it would inspire you to wake up in time.  Or unless you've been dying to ride down the side of a volcano on a mountain bike.
  • We can do without the bikes!!! Thanks for the info- I am glad we can do it for much cheaper!
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  • I saw it!  I saw it!!  We got up ungodly early and drove to the top of the mountain with a tour group.  If they told us about the mountain, I really don't remember.  It was cooooooold up there, but the sunrise was awesome.  I highly recommend because it's so nice.

    We biked down.
  • I would recommend you drive yourselves up and pay the 10 dollars.  It is beautiful! dress very warmly! It is very very cold!!

    Have fun :)
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    We actually did the bike tour and it was soooo much fun.  We drive all the time so, whenever possible, we took tours that would take us to various locations in Maui.
  • We drove up but didn't have to pay any fee.  We did it on our first morning there, since we were still on eastcoast time and were up anyway.

    You shoud wear long pants, long sleeves, a warm coat and gloves, if you think to bring them. We packed them, but forgot to bring them on the drive. Duh!  It is very windy/cold up there before the sun comes up, but it is beautiful!

  • Like the PP, we drove ourselves.  It was a little scary!  Also very cold.  I have pics in my bio.
  • We loved Haleakala so much that we went back at sunset.  It was gorgeous enough at both times.  We drove ourselves both times.  If you rent a car, get a car that is bigger than a subcompact.  Subcompacts can have a hard time with the incline. 
  • Thank you so much everyone for the opinions.  I am SO excited to go! And your pics are all gorgeous!!!!
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  • We paid for a tour to drive us up and back down so we didn't have to worry about drivng ourselves.  We stopped to watch the sunrise and were supposed to go up to the top of the volcano to sightsee, but some guy on our bus got "sick" so we had to leave immediately after the sunrise.  Total waste of money.  If we get the opportunity to go again, we will be driving ourselves next time.
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    You have to be careful driving up and take your time, due to altitude
    sickness.  They suggest stopping a couple of times to adjust.  I know
    we had to, I felt like I was going to have a bloody nose.

    And I know this has nothing to do with anything, but Haleakala is not a volcano, it's an erosion
  • Def drive yourself and dress warmly as others suggest. Also, TAKE A FLASHLIGHT! We were one of the first cars there and we couldn't see a darn thing. I'm sure a flashlight app would be good too, we just didn't have smart phones yet!
  • Hello, I was wondering if any of you have been to Haleakala for sunrise in early November? If so, is it crowded / are there spots to have a little privacy or it is packed all the time? Thanks!
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