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Am I crazy?

I am having an outdoor wedding september 22, 2012. In iowa. Lastnight I went to a local store and was looking at invitations and the owner of the store made a comment that really upset me. She said " Oh yes, this is our I wanna have an outdoor wedding in september bride." I just smiled and giggled trying to ignore her. Then she said all I can say is wear under armour under that dress and have umbrellas. This just really irked me. So far everyone else that I have talked to seems to think that late september is a good time. I mean I understand there is a chance of rain. But I don't think that its going to be cold. Your thoughts?

Re: Am I crazy?

  • i think thats a great day to get married, i have the same date but ill be in Ga their is always a change of rain out this way... I have always been told that if it rains on your wedding day that it is good luck, so always think positive!!!Laughing

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  • Weather is unpredictable no matter where you get married.  People would probably look at someone crazy that was getting married on your date here, because it'll still be well over 100 degrees here.

    However, I got married outdoors a month ago and averages for 11/5 is about 78 degrees and gorgeous.  The day before our wedding we had a huge dust & thunder storm and the high on my wedding day was only 60 degrees (no rain at least).  We had a backup plan just in case, but it still went well.  Your guests aren't stupid, I'm sure they can look up the weather and dress accordingly.
  • I live in Michigan and I really wanted to have an outdoor wedding in the fall.  How it worked out with when we got engaged, when/where we want to honeymoon - we're having an outdoor wedding at the end of May in Michigan.  May of course is the rainiest month here.  :)  We have a backup plan - if it rains oh well. 

    You're not crazy.  I was going to buy pashminas to put on chairs for people who under-dressed for our wedding and my mom said "it's 20 minutes, they'll deal."  And.. yeah.  They'll all know it's outside - they should check the weather.  The place we're having it does have pretty umbrellas though.  It'll make for cute pictures if it is raining a little bit. 
  • I would not worry about it and no you are not crazy i am getting married outside as well! just make sure you have a back up plan in case it rains! It's your wedding do whatever you want screw everyone else!

  • im getting married the same day!! :) great choice! && dont worry its going to be 78 degress that day!
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  • That lady was crazy, I live in Nebraska and September is probably the least risky month, rain is rare and snow risk not until October.
  • You should check out www.antebellumweddings.net for a barn wedding!!! Perfect venue!!!
  • In Response to Re: Am I crazy?:
    [QUOTE]im getting married the same day!! :) great choice! && dont worry its going to be 78 degress that day!
    Posted by lela1208[/QUOTE]

    Im getting married this day too! Thanks for reassuring me about the weather!  :) Thats Awesome!
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