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Outdoor wedding in november or april?

Need your opinions ladies - we've picked a venue for our outdoor tented Maryland wine country wedding/reception...but they only have November 17, 2012 or April 13, 2013 open. Which would you pick?.

Re: Outdoor wedding in november or april?

  • Neither. Those are not months that I would consider 'outdoor' wedding months. A tent wont keep your guests from standing on soggy ground (from rain or snow). I would not take the risk and would not really be a happy guest. 
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  • I would say April before I said November. I disagree with PP, you can have an outdoor wedding anytime of the year, just be aware that you guests are going to come dressed as if it is indoor and you should plan for that. So a very short Ceremony would be best, providing blankets or jackets or something would be a great touch.

    Are you planning on having some type of heat source, I would say that your guests are going to leave as soon as they can. Make sure the temp in the tent is going to be a normal room temp.
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  • Thank you all for your posts!  I just checked and the tent is going to be on a slate slab that is connected to a house, so that guests can also go inside.  Great idea about the heaters.  I'll definitely put that on my list for rentals.
  • My sister got married April 10th of 2010 in DC, and it was gorgeous -- about 70 degrees outside at the time of the ceremony (5:30pm).     This is pretty common for that part of the country in mid-April.   I'm getting married April 7th of this year in Central VA, so fingers are crossed.  I have a convenient indoor back-up in case it's too cold, wet, whatever.

    I think chances are you will be just fine, but you definitely should have an indoor back-up just in case.   I wouldn't want people to sit outside if it's less than about 65 degrees.
  • I'd definitely go April before November, but really, I wouldn't choose either of them. I'd be iffy on an outdoor wedding anytime before May, and even that can be touch n go depending on the year.
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  • April!!!!. I was just in a wedding in november and everyone froze their asses off!!!
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