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to buffet or not to buffet

I have about 200 guests and I am struggling on making the decision between having a sit down dinner vs. a buffet dinner of course there would be more selections for a buffet and the sit down would be more expensive....I just want to know what everyones preference is when they go to a wedding....do you hate buffets don't mind or prefer buffets!!!!!!

Re: to buffet or not to buffet

  • I much prefer buffets as weddings as a guest because I'm a picky eater and it is great for me to be able to put together my own plate.  We are doing a buffet at our reception as well, and I am super excited about it - moreso than most other aspects of the wedding!


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  • I actually prefer family style over all.  It's kind of like a sit down.  There are usually two main course options and sides.  They're brought to the tables and the guests serve themselves at their own table.
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  • I prefer to go to a buffet style. This is what we are doing as well. Our wedding is less formal and when I think of a sit down dinner I think Very formal wedding. we are also doing this as then we can prepare our own food before hand and not have to pay servers.
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  • We had buffet style at our wedding. I prefer it over sit-down at weddings.
  • Both FI and I prefer Buffet over plate, we're not big fans of someone picking put my plate for us :)
  • thank you all so much for your opinions and input...i actually posted this under reception ideas also and it was more of a 50/50 split there...it seems that the outdoor wedding theme is less casual and so buffet is a more natural choice....i am having silverware at the tables along with napkins and glasses which would be less to carry which was a big point....also i may have more of a selection for the buffet which was also a good point...THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!!
  • we're having a beach ceremony w/ the reception indoors w/ a buffet...more choices for picky eaters
  • we are having a VERY casual wedding and are doing a BBQ/buffet dinner. it fit 'us' thats what we like, so thats what we went with. we are using disposable plates as well, that are some very nice looking ones i found.
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