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dance floor necessary?

Is a dance floor necessary for a backyard 40 person wedding reception?  The bride wants to have the father daughter dance but I just don't think there will be enough people to have people really dancing on a dance floor.  The bride was worried about people's heels digging into the ground, but the guests are going to know it is going to be a more causal affair in our backyard and I hope they would have enough sense to dress appropriately.  Even if we get a dance floor the guests with heels are going to have to tip toe every place else.

Re: dance floor necessary?

  • If you only want to do the father dance and don't think there will be much other dancing, then you don't need a dance floor.  However, if you are envisioning a dance party, rent the floor.  It's impossible - and dangerous -  to dance on the grass.
  • Someone suggested to me that they are really easy to make on your own with big sheets of plywood, join them (securely) and then paint them.  Just a thought to save a buck!
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