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Your Proposal Story

I had so much fun reading through the FI posts & getting to know the vintage girls better. Let's share our proposal stories, too!

Re: Your Proposal Story

  • Mine is not too exciting.....we had been talking about getting engaged and I was out looking at rings with a friend and fell in love with one.  The next weekend I showed it to Eric when we were at the mall.  The following day we were sitting on the couch and he just randomly said let's go get your ring and asked if I'd marry him all nonchalant like.  So we went and got the ring and were engaged!
  • I know I'm not on often, but mine is in my bio, and it won us some pretty awesome vintage inspired e*pics!


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  • The day after he hung out with my father, he asked me what my schedule was the upcoming week. He claimed he wanted a night to just us and wanted to take me out to dinner to a restaurant I had been wanting to try. I knew something was up (as we rarly go out in an attempt to save money) and I knew exactly what the something was. The day we were to go to dinner, I arrived home from work and Michael was already home. I was surprised to see him as he shouldn't have been home for another 20 minutes. However, since I was pretty sure knew I was being proposed to that night, I wasn't too surprised. We sat down in the living room and chatted about our days. Then he pulled out a mixed CD from nowhere. He had handcrafted a very beautiful booklet with a paper that I loved. The CD had many romantic songs that chronicled our last 6 1/2 years together. It was wonderful. I walked across the room to put it on the stereo. When I turned around there he was standing right behind me. He said some incredibly beautiful things like how he knew we were always meant to be. He got down on one knee and asked to marry me. My eyes watered a little and I at first had a hard time even seeing the ring. But of course I said yes! He pulled out champagne and strawberries and we danced in our living room. We had recently purchased a house together and that fact that this all took place in the home we loved was perfect.  He didn't need to take me to any grand location as this was the place that was ours and most meaningful.  Then we went out for that dinner and had a fantastic meal staring into each others eyes and being our goofy fun selves. It was awesome.

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  • I have to preface this story by saying I am terrible at actually telling the proposal story, mainly because I was so surprised AND the screaming in my head was so loud, I couldn't hear a thing he was saying.  But maybe actually typing it out will make it more interesting.

    My FI purchased a townhouse the end of May last year and we moved in together.  Just 2 weeks after we moved in, I left for 2 weeks in the Philippines with my family to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday.  I returned on a Wednesday night and he suggested we go out to dinner that Friday to celebrate... he said we were celebrating my homecoming at the time.  It didn't seem strange to go out to dinner or to be celebrating since there was a lot to celebrate anyway.

    We went to dinner and I didn't sense anything out of the ordinary.  The only thing was when he ordered dessert, when I was pretty full.  He ordered and the next thing I know... he's saying something about how he wanted to take me there to celebrate and I saw him take the box out of his pocket and slip off his chair onto his knee.  That was it...  I didn't hear a thing after that...

    Until I heard somewhere in the background.... is he proposing?  Aww! And... did she say yes?  And that's when I realized, I was supposed to respond to whatever it was that he was saying.

    The staff brought us champagne and dessert.  Thankfully, there weren't too many other people at the restaurant but there was a table of 4 older couples.  They decided they should give us their best marital advice.  I couldn't tell you a thing they said either... I just wanted to get home at that point.  :)  
  • We had been engaged for a number of months before we told anyone. We picked out the ring and had it on layaway so that FI could pay it off without interest. I knew that the traditional proposal was coming because he said that he'd picked it up from the jeweler.

    Well, one day he took me on a trip to a state park. I was bored in the car and decided to look in his glove box for something to do. The ring box was in there! I quickly pulled out a photo and pretended to be really interested, but the look on his face was abject horror. I pretended not to notice & hopped out of the car as quickly as I could so that he could retrieve it. 

    We hiked through the woods for a long time and came to a gentle waterfall-- the kind that you can stand in as the water goes over the side. He got out a poem that he wrote for me, read it, and then got down on one knee. It was so beautiful with the spring foliage, birds swooping over the falls, and FI right there. 
  • I don't think that mine is that interesting. I'm not a very subtle person and we had been talking about getting married for several years now (been together 7 1/2 at this point). He said that he wanted to wait until he had graduated college. So as soon as June rolled around I started not-so-subtly hinting that he should propose. I was really hoping he would propose before Thanksgiving as I would be taking him to California to meet my extended family for the first time and thought it would be fun to be able to announce it in person.

    My FI is NOT a planner. Planning anything in advance stresses him out. I knew something was up when he asked me in late October if I would want to pick out my ring or if I wanted it to be a surprise. I HATE surprises, as he well knows, but I decided that this was one thing that I would want to be surprised about. I said that I would print out pictures of rings that I like though, so that he would have an idea of the style I like.

    One day when we were shopping at the mall for Christmas, I suggested we go take a look in some of the jewelry stores. There was one I really liked, but it came with a round diamond instead of a princess cut. The salesperson we were talking with said that it wouldn't be a problem to switch out the stones. A couple days later my FI mentioned that he had gone back, and was working with someone different, and they told him that the stones couldn't be switched out. He suggested that I go take another look at it.

    So I went back to talk to them again, and saw why the other salesperson had suggested not switching the stones. I then went and looked at the other jewelry stores we had missed and I found the ring. I came home from christmas shopping, and gave him several product numbers of styles I had liked, but made sure he knew which one was my favorite. Thanksgiving came and went and I became ever more suspicious that he would wait and propose on our 7 year anniversary.

    I was eating dinner with my grandma at the mall shortly before Christmas, and mentioned that I was pretty sure that my FI would propose on our anniversary, which is also right before Christmas, and asked if she would want to see the ring that I was really hoping he would get me. She said sure, but when we went in to take a look at it, it was gone. The sales lady asked the other salesperson if it had been sold, and he stated without turning around to see which ring we were talking about, that it had. The saleslady started going into her speel about their ability to order the ring, but I stated that it was fine. That I hoped that that meant my FI had been the one to buy it for me, as our anni was coming up. She offered to look up who had bought, but we all quickly decided that I should just wait. She did ask for his name to see if he was the one who bought it, so she could check after I left. My grandmother helped stop me from looking back at their faces as we left the store.

    By the time our anni came I was an excited nervous wreck, trying not to get my hopes up. We spent the day reliving some of the things we did on our first couple of dates, and every place I thought "He'll do it here." and then it wouldn't happen. I was giving him crap all day that he should have taken me to the seahawks game and proposed on the megatron, as they were actually playing a home game on our anni, but he kept saying that wasn't his style, and he's not as big of a football fan as I am. He was teasing me all day, including at dinner mentioning that he would not propose to me in a restaurant.

    By the time we got home that night, I had completely given up. I hauled out the Christmas presents and wrpping stuff and got started. All of a sudden he asks if I want my other anniversary gift. I'm shocked and trying to not get my hopes up, so I say sure. He pulls out a Zales jewelry box, which is where the ring was that I wanted, and I could hardly believe it. I was try SOOOO hard to keep my poker face on. I go to open the box, and there are diamond studs inside. I just about exploded. I managed to keep in together and made a big show of trying them on, to show I wasn't disappointed. He then asked if I wanted what went with the earrings, I again cautiously said yes. He handed be another box from Zales, the same size, and this time it was my ring. I still kinda hold it against him that I was the one on the floor and he was silent as he handed me the box, but not too much. Tongue out It wouldn't be him otherwise, and I wouldn't have him any other way. Smile

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