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So tomorrow, we pack our cars and Thursday morning we move to Chicago. I'm stressing out BIG TIME. I'm worried everything won't fit in our cars. I'm trying to keep my cool, but it's hard when it's over 100 degrees in Los Angeles and we have no furniture. I'm so sick and tired of my house being a mess. And then there's the 2,000 mile drive we each have to do in our separate cars.

I know it'll be alright in the end, but it's been a frustrating process. We've been selling off our furniture (because it would have been an obscene amount of money to rent a uhaul) for a few months and my butt hurts from sitting on the floor. I'm currently sitting on the floor next to my cat, sweating like crazy.

Just needed to rant. I can't wait to have this move done and OVER WITH!

I know Nukke feels my pain, but at least my move isn't intercontinental. There's the silver lining. :)

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    Good luck with the move! I feel your pain because we will probably be in this situation next summer. I'm applying to PhD programs all over the country and we won't know where (IF) I will be accepted until next March or so. We are going to try to start saving in January to move in July but it's hard to price a move when you have no idea where you will be moving. We aren't taking a lot of our current furniture but plan on replacing it which is another cost. It is definitely frustrating!
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    Awww Good Luck! I know it's stressful, but you'll get through it! Moving is one of the most stressful things we do! When H & I moved, we found a house to rent in my neighborhood--about 15 mins from his apartment and only 4 blocks from mine! But it was a lot of work and very stressful. So I can imagine it's hard for you! Take breaks when you need to and tell each other "I love you" a lot--because you'll definitely get testy with each other now & then. H& I said after how much fun we thought it would be to set up a place together...not so much a couple times when we had trouble fitting things we BOTH wanted in small spaces! Hang in there!
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    Live in the now and focus on the good thigs that will be because ofthe move ( cooler temps??)  Deep Dish pizza?)

    Good luck!
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