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Hey Everyone
This old school bride is having some major issues!! We have almost everything set in our minds but no colors. We can't seem to decide or we can't find the colors when we go looking for stuff. It's becoming rather irritating for the both of us a month trying to pick colors while it took 2 maybe 3 days to pick a theme. So this is where you are going to come in I need some colors I know we want Marine Blue & maybe silver but that is usually as far as we get. We want another color. I will give you guys some things we are thinking of using in the wedding you guys throw me ideas. Thanks so much!!

Old worn books with wooden number on them as table numbers.
Heart Confetti made from old books and sheet music.

Paper Roses made from books and sheet music as place cards.
Hanging Lanterns made from Mason Jar & Candles
Old suitcase as a card box 

Working Typewriting to leave a message and sign the guest book.

Blue mason jars and vases of each table as centerpieces with flowers pictures or candles inside. Books used to bring then up off the table.

Well that about all the ideas if you have any ideas that would be great!
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Re: Old World Feel

  • Marine blue, silver, and maybe like a taupy bronze? reminds me of the vintage books and paper but with a glamour element. 

  • I peeked at your bio and see you are planning a wedding for next May.

    I think Marine Blue & silver sound wonderful. My question to you is this: What reminds you of spring? You don't always have to have colors that are "seasonal", but you probably don't want anything too dark either.

    In what ways would you incorporate a different color? Flowers? Invitations? Table tops? Think of where you would be using the colors you choose, then decide what makes sense. For example, it may be easier to find flowers in color X than Marine blue........white maybe? Then you'd have white table covers, maybe with old fashioned print table runners that have your colors in it. In other words, don't tie yourself into 3 colors then find out it's impossible to find flowers or other decor items in one of those colors.

    I found it helps to decide these things around what you intend to "color" with that color rather than pre-deciding what goes with the 2 colors you already have chosen.

    A good way to put your colors together is to go to the paint section of a home improvement store and find the paint cardboards for the colors you've selected.......then find something that really says "you" when you hold those colors up to find the 3rd color.

    Good luck.
  • Sounds lovely. Defintely go with a contrasting color. I like the taupe idea someone else suggested. And don't feel like you need to stick with only a few colors. I think you could do many shades of blue, and accent with some silver and maybe taupe or brown (think wood accents). Take it easy on the silver; use it just as an accent. 
  • Hi!
    Sounds like you have your decor well planned and designed! Choosing your final colors can be a real headache though. If you need help and inspiration, pop over and see us at Plan Vintage {wedding} where we have the perfect post for your dilemma! "Find your vintage wedding colors in under 5 Minutes" -
    Good luck and let me know how you go!
    Bec xx

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