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I got my dress! (long--sorry no PIP) :(

So I arrived in Toronto on the 21st, and had planned to spend my first three days of jetlag shopping for my wedding dress.  On day two at the third store, and after 18 dresses, I found it... or rather... them I should say.  Oh dear.  I did end up choosing one (with zero regrets) and I'll post pictures in a couple weeks when I go for my first fitting, but until now, the story will have to do.

They were the first two dresses I tried on in this store.  The first one, we named "frenchy" because it was made in France and it is the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen.  It was layers of draped handmade delicate french lace with an empire waist and small ribbon sash.  It screamed romance, vintage-ness and feminity.  It had a v neck with lacy straps, and a tiny bit of glass beadwork along the neckline for sparkle affect.  I put it on, looked at myself in the mirror and caught my breath.  I just stood there staring, wide-eyed and realised I was having a little asthma attack.  It was sooooooooooooo beautiful.  I walked out to show my mom, and the four other customers in the store came over to look and ooooh and aaaaah.  I was told about 10 times by this other bride that I should get it.  My mom was so excited she started picking out veils....

But then I put on the second dress.  A completely different style of dress we dubbed "cannuck" because it was made and designed in Canada (Toronto no less) and was this salon's in-house design.  It was also really beautiful and took my breath away.  It was made of silk mermaid cut, very form fitting and had a little rosette at the bust, and covered buttons all down the back.  I looked in the mirror and had another asthma attack!  I had to calm myself before I went out to my mom.  This time when I looked in the mirror I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.  I went out and everyone, again, loved it.  This time, I asked for them to try the veil with this dress, and I didn't want to take any of it off to go try on the next dress.  My mom made it known (as did the other bride again) that they loved this dress, but kinda loved frenchy a bit more.

So I tried on like 8 others which did nothing for me.  they were alright, they just weren't frenchy and cannuck.  the price difference between the two was about 1K, but I still had a serious decision to make.  I knew I didn't need to go to any other bridal salons.  I went out for coffee with my mom, and sat around for two hours.  My head was swimming.  Finally, I called my friend who came and met us at the salon.  I tried both on for her and she liked the cannuck better.  My mom liked frenchy, and I liked them both equally.  oh dear.

Thank god for the sales assistant.  When she saw me put on the cannuck for the third time, she said, "You think you like them both equally, but you should see how you smile at yourself in the mirror when you wear this one".  I knew immediately that she was right.  I walked back out and looked at my mom and she said, "so this is it?"  I nodded and said, "Yes.  This is the one".  I started crying right away, and she started crying and my friend started crying.  I knew it in my heart that I loved the cannuck more.  It was my dress.

So, in the end, the dress that looked better on me won over the dress that looked better on its own.  And, my dress was 1K cheaper than frenchy.  Bonus!  Plus, I completely love that I have a Canadian dress.  It will be my little bit of home away from home on my wedding day. 
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Re: I got my dress! (long--sorry no PIP) :(

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