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I need some Rockabilly ideas for FI

My FI is really into Rockabilly and I am really not we have already planed our wedding it is black white and lime green. He likes it but I don’t think it is really him he said he doesn’t care as long as I am happy.  Our wedding is on Halloween which we both think is awesome.

I went to a store while we were in Chicago last time and bought him six-shooter cuff links (he mentioned then when he was picking out this suit, he doesn’t know I go them for him)

What can I do to bring in some of his style??

Maybe we can in corporate his style with the RD?

Ideas please

Re: I need some Rockabilly ideas for FI

  • See I think you are doing quite a few things!  I love the idea for your groom's cake.

    This place has some rockabilly inspired fonts. There are a few free font downloable sites on the web.  I would find one you like and just download if you are looking ot do your own. If you are having them customized you could simply bring in examples and your designer would be able to help.  Etsy and this Steamline group had rockabilly ones I liked just to purchase.

    I LOVE the table idea!  Could you talk to your FI about a first dance song or bands he likes? We are doing our recessional to Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. A great Elvis song would be perfect.
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  • can you add checkerboard touches? this is very rockabilly, maybe checked ribbons things like that.  the colors you chose are very rockabilly themselves i would try to draw in some of the sailor jerry style tatoo graphics, maybe as escort or favor cards, or even a full on rockabilly grooms cake! with hot rods and fun stuff like that
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