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ROLL CALL (finally!)

I don't know why we haven't done this already, but let's hear from all the vintage knotties on this board!  Start with your knottie nickname, fiancé's (or hubby's) name, tell us your wedding date, where you're currently located (and where you're from), where you'll be married, a short description of your vintage style and/or wedding theme!I'll start.Nukke--Fiancé is Matt, October 30th 2010, currently living in Japan (I'm from Canada), tying the knot in the Adirondacks in upstate New York, my vintage style is probably 1930s and our wedding theme is vintage Scandinavia!  Nice to meet you guys!!!( ^.^)/
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Re: ROLL CALL (finally!)

  • Nickname: Gracefulmeadow86 FI's name: Ziggy Wedding date: July 24, 2010 Home: Connecticut (from CT too, though FI is from Poland) Wedding style: 1950s retro style with polka dot accents and maybe some cute vintage items thrown in - still trying to figure it out.

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  • Hello!  I'm alison1209 and my fiance is Kevin.  Our wedding is on December 19, 2009 (yikes barely 2 months left!) and we currently live in Atlanta (and I'm from ATL).We're getting married at an antebellum home (built in 1839) and my vintage style is Victorian - inspired by my great grandmother's cameo and costume jewelry.Nice to meet you too!
  • I'm Nicholas (niq24601), my fiancee is Ursula; the date is September 25 2010; we're in Seattle, WA (I grew up in Atlanta, GA); the wedding will be here in Seattle; and the reception will have a '30s Hollywood feel.Yes, guys post on the knot. It happens sometimes.

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  • Hi Nicholas!  Sorry for sounding exclusive when I wrote "fiancé's (or hubby's)" and not also "fiancées (or wife's)".  Thanks for posting!  I loved your bio!  I saw some of the sites you and your FI use for inspiration, and thought I'd mention to the vintage and diy weddings on [url][/url]Nice to meet you!
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  • hizzle- hubby is Steven, Wedding date was 09-09-09, currently located in east TN (also where I am from), I was married at a rennovated theatre, and it was awesome! The theme was a sorta Hollywood Glam feel - red, black and white!
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  • No problem Nukke, didn't really take it that way at all.And I promise bio will be more organized as soon as we are. Probably about three months after the wedding :).

    1st year anniversary in Victoria with a killer whale topiary!
  • Nickname: FireFiance': DouglasDate: Sept. 18 2010From: MT both of us. But I am going to school in WA while he's still in MT  :(Where: Somewhere outside in MTWe're having a WW11 vintage 1940's Hollywood themed wedding. He will be wearing a WWII Paratrooper outfit and I am planning on looking like Rita Hayworth! Very much vintage in the fact that most of decor will be 1940's along with all of the music and of course the VJ Kissing picture will be displayed very well!
  • futuremrsbrian - FI is Brian, October 23 2010. We are both from Michigan and tying the knot in Ann Arbor MI.Our style is 1920's-30's art deco glam with a little great gatsby thrown in!
  • Nickname: Sweetpea Fiancé: Kevin Wedding date: 5/7/11 (hopefully) Living/from: Southern California close to LA Wedding location: still undecided but somewhere in SoCal Style: vintage garden theme with a heavy concentration of periwinkle colored hydrangeas and ivory garden roses.
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  • K-hart DH name is Glen 9/6/09 Living in central PA Got married in Leola, PA Vintage style? Probably 1950's mixed with victorian style
  • bcnoelle, fiance is Micah.  We are getting married in New Orleans on Nov. 27th, 2009. We currently live in Orlando.  We are having a very small wedding and it's not much of a theme, but my attire will be 1950s inspired.
  • Hi I'm DivineWillowMama (for my daughter Willow!) My Fiance's name is Christopher Wedding date is July, 17th, 2010 I am currently in Sequim, WA (fairytale land!) which is where my fiance' grew up I grew up in Auburn, Maine (fiance' found me in Portland, ME) We're getting married in a quaint little garden in Sequim, WA We're having a vintage gothic victorian wedding. The major details are top hats, black baccara roses, peacock feathers, and wrought iron. Our colors are white, black, red, and maybe a dark purple. It's nice to meet you all!!! :)
  • I'm Jamipoo79FI - MaxWedding is 4.9.11We live in MinnesotaWe will likely be married here in MN tooI like the vintage 1940s look and our colors will be dark blue with hints of pink, green and ivory/champagne
  • HEY GUYS!  If anyone wants to be added to the vintage knottie bio list, please post in the ROLL CALL for November!  (sticky at the top of the boards).Thanks!  :D
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