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Goodwill Help For YOU!

So, this is an idea...go to the Goodwill and search for nicknacks, like my Mountain Fi and I did this weekend. We found glasses for us and our candy buffet. It was really inexpensive, and worth the fun we had looking at creepy stuff at our local Goodwill!There are pictures of my findings, new shoes, and other misc. crap in my bio under Our Inspiration.Check the bloggy if you want more ideas and such, I will be putting more up!

Re: Goodwill Help For YOU!

  • Sooooo jealous of your copper platters!  Copper is one of my wedding accent colours, so I can't wait to hit up the local thrift stores when I'm back in Canada.  Those bridal shoes and payless shoes are adorable.  Great finds!
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  • you found a bunch of awesome stuff, Congrats Tarafire !!
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  • Tara - this is my very first time to this board, and probably my last... I am getting married in 3 days.  I post sometimes on the November 2009 board, but for some reason logged in, and yours was the first bio I opened.  Imagine my surprise and delight to see that I am wearing the same dress as you!  I never created a bio but I love it as much as you do - it is fabulous, isn't it?!?!  My FI thinks I am wearing a big poofy ballgown that he HATES that I bought as a decoy dress so I am so excited to see his face at the reveal.  Best of luck to you and your Rita Hayworth dress!!
  • Thank you so much Annette! I hope you have a wonderful wedding, and you should let us know your future husband's face when you walk out in that stunning dress! the best of luck to you!
  • I also see that you are from the Spokane area, I go to school in Spokane! Lots in common! You probably got the dress at the same David's Bridal I did in the Valley! Again best of luck!
  • I love shopping at thrift stores for wedding stuff.  Great deals and cool stuff!
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