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Soooo, I'm torn when it comes to deciding on dresses, I really like the idea of a tea length dress, because we want to get married on the beach and I won't have to deal with getting sand all over my dress and it'll be vintage and cute. Also, since I'm short, longer dresses tend to make me look even shorter. I have two problems, though. One is that most of the tea length dresses I've found online that I like are website or custom ordered. In bridal stores they either don't have any or I don't like them. But ordering a wedding dress online is scary. I won't be able to try them on to see how I feel about it on me before I make my decision. And I miss out on the shopping experience. Also, even though I don't want anything over the top, I don't want my dress to be hum ho or not special enough, y'know? Anyway, here are some of the dresses I'm looking at. I would love some feedback! TIA!!I'm gonna try this PIP thing, I've left the URL as well underneath in case it doesn't work...Dress 1[img][/img] 2[img][/img] 3[img][/img] 4[img][/img] 5[img][/img]
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