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bouquet and garter toss, anyone?

Since Nukke brought up the "dollar dance" tradition, I was curious to see how many of you are going to do the bouquet and garter toss. 
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Re: bouquet and garter toss, anyone?

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    Bouquet toss yes but we recently talked about a garter toss and I dont think we are
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    We're doing both, but we only have a few single girls and boys, so to avoid embarrassing them, we will open it to everyone. 

    ..Er, what's the raunchy version of the garter toss?!
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    Instead of tossing the bouquet to single woman I'll be handing it to the couple that's been married  the longest and skipping the garter toss (I think) 
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    Nope, neither.
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    [QUOTE]I also really want to preserve my bouquet and don't want to pay for a toss. We have considered doing the bouquet dance to honor long lasting marriage.
    Posted by ledalia[/QUOTE]

    Just wondering, what do you pay for?

    And what is a bouquet dance?

    We're doing both, and I've always loved the racey part where the groom goes up the bride's dress!  I think it's unfair to call it raunchy.  It's no more raunchy than it is "prudish" to not do the garter toss.

    Fi and I have already decided that we're going to have the song "Hanky Panky" playing for that.  (PIB for those wondering).  I've loved both the bouquet and garter toss traditions at every wedding I've been to, and we've got lots and lots of singles at our wedding who I think are also into these sorts of things.  It's definitely going to be fun!
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    [QUOTE]We're doing both, and I've always loved the racey part where the groom goes up the bride's dress!  I think it's unfair to call it raunchy.  It's no more raunchy than it is "prudish" to not do the garter toss.
    Posted by Nukke[/QUOTE]

    Sorry, eeva -- didn't mean to offend you by calling it raunchy. I've just been to a few weddings lately where it was seriously rauchy and not just make you giggle cause its a little dirty, but like get a room raunchy. maybe im a prude :P
    i just dont think think messing around under your wife's dress in front of a whole crowd of people is appropriate! (especially with kids around)

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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    We aren't doing it. I have no problem with the tradition--unless someone is dragging me onto the floor for the bouquet toss. That really happened, and I wasn't amused.
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    We're doing both as well...I have a problem with people feeling slightly awkward (I've been there!) but it is fun....and I'm going to have an awesome garter (I've got to honor my Steelers somehow, LOL) but yeah...we're doing both even though I really contemplated not doing either.
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    We're just doing the bouquet toss, with a fake one.
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    Neither for us. Because we're a slightly older couple most of our friends are already married or in long term committed relationship. I think the only single or unattached females will be my teenage daughters and my recently widowed aunt. He thinks the garter thing is kind of embarrassing so we voted no on that as well.
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    Doing both.
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    We are not doing either, but I do enjoy the honoring couples who have been together for a long time.  We arent having any dancing, so we'll have to figure out how to honor them without dancing (music will still be playing).

    Ledalia,  is it possible to honor relationships without making it about being married. I think that is quite an accomplishment!  My FI and I have been together longer than most of our friends, and many have married and had children.
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    I know, but at a wedding I think it's important (or at least it is to me)  to honor marriage in particular.
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