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New here.

I've introduced my self on the Oct. 2010 board, but I would love to plan a vintage wedding. So I figured I'd introduce my self here as well.

My name is Nicole. I recently got engaged on the 21st, a few days before Christmas but I love it even more for that reason. My fiance's name is Omar. We narrowed down our colors to either yellow, green, and red or brown, blue, and maybe white?

I want to do a 40's or 50's style wedding but so far all I can think of is the music. And I'm not to sure how else to go about it. Anyone else doing a wedding styled to those decades? And is anyone having guests dress up?
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Re: New here.

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    Welcome Nicole and Congrats!!

    My name is Ana and I'm from California also where in California do you live? I'm planning a vintage wedding with a 1940's vibe but lately I've been thinking of maybe incorporating the 30's & 40's, were getting married in 2011 so I only have a few things planned and I'm still gathering ideas, I would definitely check out the knotties Bio's they are filled with inspiration that will help you and also you might want to check out it's a very cool Blog that can give you some great ideas.

    Happy Planning!!
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    Hi there, I live in SoCal, so here's a big welcome and congrats on your engagement! I'm doing a 50's style wedding. I'm planning on wearing a 50's style tea length dress, with a birdcage veil. That's probably my favorite way we're incorporating the era. :). I've been on the hunt for vintage-y bridesmaids dresses. I hadn't thought of having guests dress up, actually. I'm mostly bringing in the era through small touches. We're looking for a vintage cake topper and want to do mostly black and white photography. The restaurant we're having our reception at plays Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra music all night long. I've found some really cool vintage looking fonts online that I want to use on my invitations. I would definitely check out the bio list, it's one of the first posts on the vintage board. These ladies have fabulous ideas! Welcome and happy planning!
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    Welcome!  Congratulations on your recent engagement!!! 
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    Welcome and congrats!  Check out a few will be overwhelmed with inspiration and get some cool ideas too.  Happy Planning
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