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I found these two cakes stands and wanted to try to paint them to make them look prettier plus one has gold detail that I'm not to crazy about ,there was a DIY on Ruffled a few week's back using White gloss spray paint on glass vases and I wanted to try this on 'em has anyone done this before? If I paint them do you ladies know/think they will look bad? any advice or suggestions is welcomed.
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    [QUOTE]I saw those very same cake stands!  Ok, keep in mind that the gold detailing you don't like is going to be mostly covered by the cake!  I think they're lovely as is.  Have you seen them in person yet?  Cause you may love the look of the (unpainted) glass.
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    I have the cake stands already ,and your right Eeva the gold detail will be covered with cake and to be honest the more and more I look at them I'm liking them the way they are even the gold detail,sorry I wasted a post on this but I'm glad that it helped me make my mind up and not mess up two pretty cake stands,Thanks.
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