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A few more pics

We leave for our HM tomorrow! Vegas first then California! We originally had reservations at a beach hotel in Santa Monica, CA, but H went back to the doc on Tuesday...his heel is healing nicely but still 3 more weeks in the boot. So we changed our reservations to a great hotel in Hollywood! More for us to do there since he can't go on the beach or in the ocean, and very easy to get around Hollywood!  We are stoked and think in the end, it's super fun we are tying in the Hollywood theme from the wedding to the honeymoon! I am taking H to my favorite museum, the Hollywood  Museum in the Max Factor Building--super cool!

Anyway, we got tons of pics back from my FIL/SMIL who did most of our photos. When we get back I need to create an online album, but here are a few more chessboard photos and a couple at the baseball mural of old Pittsburgh Pirates.

**Robot**--the chessboard is a lifesize chessboard with larger, movable pieces. A family who had just finished a game helped set it up as if it were mid-game, then we replaced pieces with people!** 

H is impressed how much "air" I got in the jumping pic.  It's like "Pick out the dancer in this group."

Everyone have a great weekend! 

Re: A few more pics

  • wow these rock! i love the living chess set photos! sooooo cool!
  • Some of the church ones so pretty too, I just didn't have time to load any up yet. The property management people where the chessboard is were kind enough to put the pieces out specifically for us to get photos--they used to be out all summer but people were stealing/breaking them. So they said they'd put them out if we send them pics. So I wanted to get those loaded and sent before we left. They loved them!
  • If you're not staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt, and you have time, you should try to stop by there.  The lobby's well-worth a glance!  Very vintage.  Also gorgeous!  (I believe the 1st Academy Awards were held in one of its ballrooms, or whatever you call them.)  There's a restaurant there that's considered "in."  It's called "Teddy's."  And keep your eyes open.  After dining there, as a friend and I were leaving the hotel, we spotted Heidi Klum!

    Across the street from the Roosevelt is Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  I saw a movie there last year and was blown away by how vintagely beautiful it was.  Really one of a kind!  I think they give tours in the a.m.  You might want to stop by their box office and find out...but watch out for the icky creeps who dress up like Superheroes and such, outside the theater.  They'll hound you to pose for a picture with them -- for $, of course.  That's also where the famous hand and footprints are, too, as I'm sure you know.  Looking at them is free!  

    The El Capitain, on the same side of the street as the Roosevelt (about a 1/2 block away) is also a beautiful, vintage theater (now owned by Disney, so if there's a movie showing there, it will be one of theirs).

    And if you'll have a rental car and are able to get around (probably hard, with your hubby's bad foot), you might want to go to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Celebs have been dining there for decades.  It's smaller than I'd expected, and there's a nice patio area, too (not so nice if people are SMOKING).  The one time I went there, John Cusak was sitting in the corner booth!  So, again, keep your eyes open!  

    Have a great honeymoon!!!

  • i love them! totally cute!
  • The second and third one are AMAZING!
  • Your pictures are great! I can't wait to see the online album!
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