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Church Decor

Met with my pastor and he told me they were decorating the church a week before my wedding for the holiday season. No problem that helps my decor budget, but now I need to decide what to do with my aisle decor because the church ladies want to do evergreen swag down the aisles to "help". I dont hate the idea but I want to find a way to glam/vintage it up... Ideas?

I was thinking of adding feather wreaths that I can make myself. They would look like this *maybe not as fluffy*

I feel like it needs something else.

Re: Church Decor

  • Maybe if you used a wide ribbon to hand them? Or put a bow or a brooch on it to give it some sort of a focal point? Maybe something with your monogram?
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  • Feathers sound like a good, cost effective addition. I love the broach idea! When I think of hollywood glam, I think of silky or satin fabric. Maybe you could add wide, silvery bows made of smooth, draped fabric.
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    Hmmm.  I LOVE the fluffy charm of this wreath, but am wondering if, when you hang it, it will partially block the row behind and get banged into by people trying to take a seat. (Or won't people be entering via the central aisle?)  If you DO use these, then I agree with the posts above that it needs a little something -- a focal point, as one gal said -- added to it.

    If you don't end up using feathery wreaths down the aisle, it would still be nice to hang them somewhere -- on entrance doors or at the front of the church?  

    My thought for the aisle situation is to do something that probably will sound too mundane to you.  Get a few poinsettia stems and tie them together with wide, red or white ribbon, then add them to the ends of some of the pews.  My mom got married in December, back in the late '50s, and, although I can't locate the photos right now (sorry! I did look!), I'm pretty sure she used poinsettias in her flower arrangements at the front of the church.  And, looking through other vintage photos from various eras, recently, I noticed that wide ribbons were frequently added to bride's bouquets.  That's how I came up with the poinsettia/wide ribbon combo.

    Anyway, that's what I've come up with, for now!  Keep us posted.

  • I'd go with smaller/simpler/classy. Think that you are only going to be in the church for what, an hour or so at the most?  I like the pointsetta stems or ribbon, something very small to add something to the evergreen. At first I was all abour pew decorations. Then I realized my church was so pretty as it is, and we had a 40 minute full Catholic mass then everyone was gone. I'm glad we didn't waste time or money on church decor. Add a little something if you like, but chances are, it's going to really look lovely as it is, decorated for the holiday season.
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