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Beaches on Eastern Coast?

My fiance and I live in Ohio and will be driving (blah) to our honeymoon destination.  We are looking for a beach with white sands, crystal-blue waters... ANY ideas?  Been to Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, SC... we just want something with a different feel for the honeymoon. 
We would have 7 days for total travel and stay time so I REALLY would like something under 10 hours away.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful!  Thank you so much! :)


Re: Beaches on Eastern Coast?

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    Not sure how long it would take to get there, but Cape May on the NJ shore is beautiful.
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    You can try Ocean City, MD also....
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    The outer banks of NC! I haven't been to Myrtle Beach, but from what I've heard I think it has a quieter, less commercial feel.
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    I'm not a fan of the outer banks. The GA coast is much nicer. Maybe see how far away charleston is kiawah island is incredible and you could split your time between there and st. Simons. I love ft augustine but its probably too far away. FYI charleston and savannah are only about an hour and a half apart from one another.
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    Not sure why you are driving but sometimes flying ends up being cheaper. Just thought I would throw that out there.


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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm gonna look into all of them. And girl, the MIL is paying for the honeymoon and she told us no flying, so that's what we have to work around :/ I'm currently looking at Emerald Isle, NC. I thought about Kiawah Island actually but it ends up being 12 hours away... but I suppose we could travel up to 12 hours for something really nice :) Mainly want something that's beachfront, and is cozy. We don't go out a lot, maybe to dinner a few times and a little shopping, but we mainly wanna chill out on the beach or in a hammock. Does that description ring a bell of any places? Thank you all so much!!! :)
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    NJ's shore towns, especially in the southern end of the state (Cape May esp.) are gorgeous. 
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    [QUOTE]Not sure how long it would take to get there, but Cape May on the NJ shore is beautiful.
    Posted by nikole712[/QUOTE]

    I *love* Cape May dearly, but for anyone interested in that location this summer it might be good to think *soon* if you are booking there. Because Cape May is one of the few NJ shore towns that took very little damage during Sandy,  they're anticipating a real boom season this summer. I know more than a few B&Bs/hotels are already booked through July and August!
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    No crystal blue water - but there are some seriously beautiful beaches in New England and summer houses to rent that are right on the water.  I have no idea what the drive from Ohio would be like tho!
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