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Vintage weddings-- all or nothing?

I'm trying to think of a theme for my wedding and I really like the Art Deco style. I can imagine incorporating it into the reception decor and stationery, and I like what I see in my head. What makes me nervous is, the weddings I'm looking to for inspiration truly are like theme parties or period weddings. I have no interest in going "all out" with vintage attire (aside from accessories, perhaps) or 20's music, etc. etc. Besides, I've already bought my dress and it does not evoke the style. I guess my question is, does it seem weird to use a vintage aesthetic to inspire design choices without carrying it through to create a true vintage wedding? In your opinion, is this best thought of an all or nothing proposition? Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Vintage weddings-- all or nothing?

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    I think if you leave a little "trail" of art deco throughout the wedding that it could be great, but you wouldn't have to go all out with it.  If you just have one item in your wedding that is art deco it may seem out of place or weird.  Sounds like you could definately make it work with the few things you have in mind.  You can always use color to tie things together.
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    i agree with PP.

    i personally dont think it has to be all or nothing.

    Our wedding will have some vintage elements, but by no means would i call it a "vintage wedding".   Its going to be a mix between urban/hippie/country chic...if thats possible!  We're getting married at a Restaurant/Art Gallery in San Francisco....which is very urban/modern.  But i'm using mason jars, wild flowers and succulents for my CP's.  I'm putting all different random fabrics on my tables....all of this will be DIY....etc which to me is hippie/country-ish.  My dress is pretty modern (J.Crew)...its a structured fabric, empire waist - with a jeweled belt......but my hair will be down and wavy/messy with a flower (hippie). 

    is this making sense??

    i'm not worried.  its going to reflect my personal style and who are are as a couple.

    as long as you dont go overboard w/'ll be fine!  go with it!

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    you can just add vintage touches you do not have to go all out, do as much or as little deco as you like, there is nothing wrong with a WEDDING themed wedding Smile
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    Thanks for all the responses. I'm willing myself not to have second thoughts about my dress, which I bought last weekend without having a theme in mind for the wedding. I love the dress, but now that I'm kind of thinking 20's/Art Deco, I don't want my dress to be out of place, you know? Do you think I could try to pass off an old Hollywood glamour look in this dress with the right accessories/hair?

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    gorgeous dress. that could definitely work with art deco touches at your wedding.

    i didnt go "all out" vintage at my wedding either, just had retro touches  - polka dot bridesmaids dresses, some other vintage influences, and a bit of classic music...nothing too crazy. mostly, the theme of my wedding...was...well...a wedding LOL

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    Don't even worry about it.  Usually it's only the hard core all out vintage weddings that get put into those magazines or onto weblogs.  Most of us vintage brides do just what you are thinking of--they use bits and pieces of vintage things that inspire them, and concentrate more on their wedding than throwing a costume party ;)

    Your dress is beautiful!  If that's your dream dress, don't even dream of changing it.  My dress is nowhere near vintage, but I'm using vintage accessories that compliment my personal style and my beautiful dress.  I hope this helps!
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    I think the majority of us have vintage inspired weddings. We use elements that we like, and pitch the ones we don't. For mine, I'm drawing from the late 1950s, early 1960s, Jackie Kennedy, Mad Men and things we both just liked that had no "theme" at all. Your wedding doesn't HAVE to be anything. That's the beauty of it. There are no real requirements except a marriage license.
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    Thank you all for putting things in perspective. As I start this wedding planning process, I'm startled to find how easy it is for a normally reasonable, even laid-back person like myself to get worked up over nothing. And I do love my dress. Doubts officially vanquished. Thanks!
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    your dress is amazingly glamourous, try it with a birdcage veil and ostich feather fascinator it will up the startlett drama
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    I know I'm tardy-to-the-party on this one, but I'm doing the same thing! Touches of Art Deco. Although the main piece for us is our venue, it's real art deco! haha. Also we're getting fedoras for the guys for some pictures, just little things. You can check out my bio if you like.
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    If you go to this page:

    and look at the 2nd photo in the top row, you'll see that this hat designer combined her 1920s-inspired veil with a modern, strapless wedding gown -- and it looks gorgeous, as well as vintage-y!  So don't worry about having to go totally retro.  Just do what's right for YOU and I'm sure your day will be perfect!

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