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Having a Bit of Trouble...

Hi all, So I'm having an outdoor mountain wedding in the summer. I'm wanting the vintage feel of things with a mix of the outdoors...My dress just screams vintage!!  My centerpieces are going to be white flowers mixed with crystals and rocks in a different type of vase on each table...with thick tree branches holding votive candles surrounding at different heights. Lots of white lights and birch trees to decorate with maybe paper lanterns...i dunno? My problem is colours...I love jewel tones... so like navy blue, an emerald green, eggplant, and then like a chocolate together. I have 4 BM's. Could they all wear a different colour? How else could I incorperate the colours in the wedding...>???? I really would love to make this work!!! PLEASE help me! Thank you.

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    Sure bridesmaids can all wear different colours, (or just the maid of honour) but there are tons of other ways to incorporate your colour scheme! 

    groom/smen ties,
    table linens,
    favour wrapping,
    guest book,
    card box,
    picture frames,
    escort cards,
    flower girl dress,
    flower girl basket,
    ring bearer outfit,
    ring bearer pillow,

    of course, it depends on what you'll have at your wedding, but there are so many ways you can do this.  How long do you have until your wedding?
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    Having each bridesmaid wear a different color, in the same dress style would look nice.  kinda an alternative to them wearing the same color in different styles.

    FI and I have 3 colors (and white and black), so I understand how it seems like they just keep adding up.  We chose to have the girls wear blue, me in green. the guys in green and him in blue.  then we have silver accents through the whole thing.  for decorating on the tables and such, we just made sure to keep the colors somewhat even with silver as the accents again.

    I might pick one (maybe chocolate brown) as the "grounding color".  use it for accents and to tie the theme together.  so if all the girls wear different colors, maybe a chocolate sash and shoes might help keep things cohesive?
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    I am one of those brides that is not neccesarily convinced that you have to have only two colors to make things look cohesive...think about a "feel" rather than a color scheme or theme.  If you try to find basic items that seem to go together...whether it be different shades of the same color for the dresses, a mix of your favorite colors for your bouquet, could totally work.

    I am using 3 main colors, but there are definitely mix matchy elements such as my place cards will be from different vintage looking scrapbooking paper, my invites are not in our "colors," we are using a mix of vintage handkerchiefs to give out at the ceremony...etc...
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    I think you can absolutely have the girls all wear different colors. Another idea is to do one neutral color for the dresses (gold) and have them each wear a different bold jewel toned shoe. I know there is a picture out there somewhere of this....I will try to find it!!
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    What if the BM wore brown dresses with jewel tone sashes & shoes?  David's Bridal should have everything on hand to test drive this look before you decide.  You can do vintage type table cloths with brown runners & jewel tone napkins. Or brown napkins & jewel tone beaded napkin rings in assorted colors.  The rings can be your favors.  The table scape sounds very busy the way you described it.  Are you leaning towards country vintage or Hollywood (Sabrina the movie with Audrey Hepburn) vintage?
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    it will help if you post a link with a pic of your dress
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    Until I recently changed everything (I bought my dress...but it was NOT the one I thought I wanted!), I was going to have my girls all in the same dress in different colors.  Go for it, and I agree with what some of the other posts say - tie in the colors in a variety of way with linens, favors, etc.  Good luck and have fun!  Try looking at all these colors together and get a feel for which ones you like best together.  You can decide who wears what based on what colors look best on which girl.
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    hmm i think your center pieces & such sound nice but navy blue, emerald green, eggplant,  & chocolate seems like alot to me.. that doesn't [imho] really go together very well. i think navy, green & brown, or eggplant [purple] green & brown, but not all.. maybe a cream color if you need a another?

    i think 2 maids in navy & 2 in green with white flowers tied with brown ribbon is a cute way, or all in brown dresses all with blue, green & white flowers tied with navy. even navy shoes would be nice too, or green jewelry on brown or navy dresses, or flowers in their hair etc

    you can really incorporate your colors anywhere. it generally looks good when things tie in somewhere a few times then it matches more. like brown linens with green napkins & blue chair covers/bows something. or since you said you have white flowers in the center pieces maybe stick a blue or green flower in the middle of each or tie a ribbon. there are pretty much endless options! 
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    I agree with adding a creamish color to lighten things up, because brown, navy, emerald and eggplant are all pretty dark, and mixing all of them can be a little overbearing.
    All the girls with a different color would be cool, whether it be a sash or shoes or a dress. Also, if you are planning on colored rocks/crystals, you can variate the colors, as well as the colors of the candles or jars?
    I also really like the colored napkin ring idea. They make cool beaded ones that can look vintage.
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     I agree with what the other ladies are saying. I am incorporing cornflower/rivera sky blue into my wedding with deep purples and light pink roses;  as well as ivory roses and peonies into my bridal bouquet  and in my main centerpieces at my church and recption; for examples. Don't be afraid to go outside of the "norm" box today. Blends are SO popular in so many areas of your wedding planning.  I agree you could go with a champagne dress and incorporate the jewel tones by having your BM wear colored shoes or a sash!  Don't worry it will come to you and you'll figure it out!! Good luck! 

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    one of the easiest ways you can seamlessly incorporate that many colors is by going with a multi-colored pattern, like plaid or stripes. i suck at putting links in posts, but if you do a google search for wedding plaid and wedding stripes you'll come up with some great inspiration. it should be easy enough to find fabric you like online or at a craft store, and then have it made into napkins, table runners or tableclothes, sashes, bouquet wraps, even the invitations and other stationery.

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    I don't think you have too many colors, and I like the idea of each of the bridesmaids wearing different colors -- I even like the color combo.  However, IMO the colors seem rather dark for a summer wedding, especially an outdoor summer wedding.  Also since you are going vintage (as did I) the paper lanterns are more of a modern thing.
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