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When to book honeymoon excursions?

We are honeymooning in costa rica in June, I'm wondering when to book the excursions we want to do...now or when we get there? Will the be booked if we wait? I'm a little nervous about booking them earlier because of the rainy season there. Also, I don't know if this a stupid question, but how would you book them in advance, can you do it online? Obviously I don't really want to be calling costa rica Thanks!! :

Re: When to book honeymoon excursions?

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    If you're worried about the excursions booking up, it couldn't hurt to take some time to check out their web sites to see if you can get some information and find out how far in advance they accept bookings and if they have a rain-out policy.  You could give them a day or two to respond to an e-mail instead of making international calls.  On our honeymoon in the Florida Keys, one excursion we did was a dolphin encounter and they did have a policy of trying to re-book you during your stay in the area if the weather didn't cooperate.  Another excursion we did was a sunset boat ride and when I inquired about it they said to call back the week before when the boat captain could look at the forecast and pick the best date, so I did and they scheduled it at that time.
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    Like PP said, you could really do either. Check online for the places you want to book your excursions at/with. See if there is a message board (tripadvisor or facebook page?) for your resort, and ask people about their suggestions and prices. 

    We've chosen to wait until we get to the resort to book any excursions. 
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    Research the excursion you want to do.  Read TripAdvisor reviews.  If it's a popular excursion that tends to sell out, I'd book ahead of time.  Otherwise, I'd wait.  Not only is weather a variable, but your mood is too.  There've been days on vacations that I've just been tired, wanted to relax by the beach, had a headache, or wanted to do something else that day.  It's a vacation, not work.....don't lock yourself into anything until you get there.

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    Where are you staying in Costa Rica??!!  We are planning on going there for HM in November.  When I went to the Dominican Republic last year I booked 2 online and then planned more when we got there.  Depending on where your staying they have contacts at the hotel for booking and rescheduling!
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    Thanks everyone! I'm glad to hear we can probably just do research and wait to book...with all of the wedding planning, I'm totally neglecting honeymoon planning! I feel the same way about not wanting to be locked into a plan when you don't know what you're going to feel like doing! @msrocketz..were staying at the Hilton Papagayo, all-inclusive in Guanacaste, what about you? I'm so excited, I hear it's amazing!!
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    NICE!!!  We haven't booked yet but we were looking at the Hilton also!  We also were thinking possibly the Riu?  Have you heard any reviews?  Where did you book thru?  I was wondering if we should use a travel agent or just do it ourselves online?  That is what I usually do!
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