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Can you be the perfect wife?

A girl on my May2011 page posted this!  It shows how much the times have changed since the 50's!  Well at least I hope!  Not that we shouldn't be great to our husbands, but this makes woman sound like slaves!

Re: Can you be the perfect wife?

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    [QUOTE]I really don't see why women take such issue with taking care of the one who takes care of them.  I would MUCH rather spend the day cooking, cleaning and primping myself for my man than sitting in an office, coming home exhausted and pretending to be interested in what he is saying. I can't wait until our wedding so I can quit my job.  I already cook dinner every night while he relaxes and I spend lots of time keeping the house clean, doing laundry and making sure he is as happy and comfortable as possible.  It will be so much less stressful when I take that 9 hours a day wasted at work and can focus all my attention on our relationship, house and family. Feminism is overrated. Give me an apron, an oven and a vacuum and send the man off to work and fight; that's their job after all.
    Posted by kateliznelsen[/QUOTE]

    Are you for real? The 1950's called and they want your skewed perception of how a woman should behave back... I definitely think it is important to make your fiance/husband/SO happy and relaxed etc., but it's a two way street ya know.  I know that after i finsih medical school I will be the breadwinner in the family and that is perfectly ok with me and him.  He already works from home so it is only natural that he'll stay home when we have kids but its a CHOICE we both get to make :)
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