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Shoe conundrum! Please help me decide! PIP

I figured I'd post this here since our wedding is art deco and I'm looking for something vintage that I can swing dance in.  I just cannot decide for the life of me!! 

This is what I am looking for: mid-sized heel, leather sole, peep toe and straps. These are requirements for me. FI and I are lindy hoppers and so we will be dancing a lot. I'm not interested in ballroom shoes because they look...well...ballroom-y. lol But it's important that I can dance in them. I also don't want to buy two decent pairs of shoes. I'd rather purchase one really nice pair that I can wear a majority of the evening. 

Here we go....

Option 1:

These shoes are absolutely lovely. They fit my theme and are extremely well made. My only issue with them is that they are a 3in. heel (with a 1 inch platform, which helps) and have a stilletto heel. I would rather have a wider heel just because it's easier to dance in. 

Option 2:

These are by the same designer as the previous. They go with our theme very nicely. I like that the heel is low enough but once again I worry about the stilletto heel...

Option 3:

These are cute and have the right size heel and width. But these are uber boring. I far prefer the look of the other shoes. 

Option 4:

These shoes are really pretty too but really expensive. Once again, the heel worries me. I don't want to worry about slipping but at the same time it might not be so bad...I'm just not sure.

Option 5:

I adore these shoes. AND they come in a shorter heel size. My only issue is I cannot for the life of me decide what color/material to order them in if I decide on these: 

champagne snakeskin (I'm not sure how the material would look for a wedding shoe):

or something blue:

And last but not least...
Option 6:

I've already owned a few pairs of these previiously as my dance shoes and loved them. I'm just worried they look too casual. The nice thing about these though is that they are inexpensive. 

So if you've stayed with me for this long, could you let me know what you think?? TIA!!

Re: Shoe conundrum! Please help me decide! PIP

  • I'm absolutely no help, I like them all. LOL
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    [QUOTE]I'm absolutely no help, I like them all. LOL
    Posted by gmcr78[/QUOTE]

    <div>LOL, I know, right!?</div>
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    I like the first!  I think with the platform and the low heel height the shape might not be that much of a problem.  Plus they're gorgeous!
  • I actually like #3 and think it would look cute if you added some kind of shoe clip and made it your own!
  • Man, what choices. Well, as a fellow lindy hopper, I have to say that I get tired of lindy hopping in heels really fast and always end up just taking my shoes off because they just don't let me sit down into my swivels right, know what I mean? However, have you checked out Aris Allen's wedge? It's the most comfortable swing shoe I've ever owned. It's a little more casual than your choices (except the last), but dressy enough for a skirt or dress, and I guarantee you will love the way they feel all night, and will wear them again and again. They come in white. My second choice would be option 5. Sooo cute, and the chunky heel is so vintage.
  • I voted for the first style, but I think that the second one with the lower heel would probably be a better option for dancing. How long is your dress? If it is floor length, chances are nobody will see them while you dance, anyway.
  • Thanks for your input, ladies!!
  • LOVE love love the first one. Where is it from?
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Shoe conundrum! Please help me decide! PIP</a>:
    [QUOTE]LOVE love love the first one. Where is it from?
    Posted by jacol13[/QUOTE]

    <div>I have decided to go with those, actually! I will have to order them from England. They are Rachel Simpson. </div>
  • I voted for the something blue, but #1 was my second choice. However, I have to ask where the 2nd one is from, I need silver shoes and am also looking for a lower heel and peep toes!
  • They are actually from a British line called Rachel Simpson :)
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