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Vintage glam/old hollywood wedding

I'm new to this board so I'll introduce myself! I'm Amy and I'm marrying the love of my life, Chris on January 5, 2013. We're just slightly over 1.5 years away from our big day and are starting to think about how we want our wedding to look and feel. We're having the wedding at a vintage style winery in Niagara on the Lake and we would really like to have the vintage glam/old hollywood feeling.

We're thinking about a mix of high ostrich feather centerpieces  and low white rose centerpieces. White and silver are going to be our colours. 

We're probably going to use a Frank Sinatra song for our first dance and that style of music for cocktail hour and dinner music. Can we play more "modern/top 40" music once the party gets going or will this seem totally out of place?

How else do we pull off this theme? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Re: Vintage glam/old hollywood wedding

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Vintage glam/old hollywood wedding : We're only doing half of our centerpieces with ostrich feathers. I've found a place where I can buy them wholesale and DIY to save some money. 
    Posted by achiduck[/QUOTE]

    I am also doing an Old Hollywood style wedding and plan to use ostrich feathers...where did you find ostrich feathers wholesale? I'd love to do the same!
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