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Ok, so since you wonderful ladies have been so amazingly helpful with my mobster/Godfather theme wedding, I'm back for more help!

I have this twisted idea of using the theme song from The Godfather as the processional for the BM walking down the aisle for the ceremony.  I think its kind of a funky idea, but I also think that might be way to over the top.  So, if your vote is no, do you have any other suggestions besides the traditional music? 

I also need an a suggestion for the music for my procession into the ceremony.  I refuse, REFUSE! to use "Here comes the Bride"  (all I think of of when I hear that song is "Big Fat and Wide").  I am wanting something that has the 30's-40's vibe to it.

Ok, last question.  Reception music.  Most of it will be current hits, a mix of pop, country and a few 80's classics thrown in just for fun.  But keeping with our theme, for our first dance we really want something from 30-40's era or possibly Rat Pack era. 

Thank you so much ladies! 
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