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Vintage/Art Deco Font Ideas

What's this? Actual vintage questions? *gasp* :)

Does anyone have any good suggestions for vintage themed fonts? We already have script & headline fonts, but we still need to pick something for longer bits of text (directions, programs, etc.). Our wedding has a '30s art-deco theme to it, though since we're looking for a paragraph-type font staying in theme isn't quite as important.


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Re: Vintage/Art Deco Font Ideas

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    Have you checked out  They have some pretty cool Art Deco fonts.  One of my favourites is Fashion Victim (click).

    You can also check and search under the tags like "vintage". 

    Also, for some ideas you can check out Letterhead fonts (click).

    Hope this helps!
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    I went to think the name of the font I used is "Nightclub" and "DecoTech"
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    I used as well, I really love Champagne and Limousines and Riesling.
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    We had actually picked Riesling as one of our headline fonts. kitkat, you have good taste! :)

    I hadn't found Champagne & Limousines though... that's the sort of thing I've been trying to find.

    1st year anniversary in Victoria with a killer whale topiary!
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