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Collecting things for the reception...could use some input!

This is sort of long, but I have been wanting to post about this stuff so you guys can see what we've been up to!

Chris and I have been doing tons of antiquing and thrifting. We are pretty much doing a completely DIY wedding at this point. We were planning on renting a lot of things, but not any more. We have all kinds of new things to show you. I need to make this all come together so if you have any ideas that will cost next to nothing (keep in mind things that are in the woods or in a field!) I would love to hear them.

So here's the food tent in the field. I was thinking about tying some ferns to the legs and flowers to the ropes (the owners always put something on the ropes so people don't trip over them). The back wall lifts up like the front wall, so it will be open. The buffet tables will have black or black and white linens...haven't figured that out yet. I really need to dress up the tent a's bugging me.

The picnic tables will be on the lawn and I'm still trying to decide on linens and centerpieces. I'm thinking black lace linens, and lots of green plants, like ferns and succulents, and lots of candles. I want something ideas please!

I have started a good collection of things for the DIY family buffet. I apologize for the cell phone pictures, but it will work for now. Here's our collection:

Silver trays...I know we'll need more, but not sure how many. ???

Mismatched forks...yes, we are collectiong mismatched flatware! Forks and butter knives only.

which will be in clear glass vases for guests to grab at the buffet.

The table where the wine will be will also have mismatched wine glasses. Here's just a few. I'm actually really excited about these because I collect glass things. :)

I always see punch bowls in my travels, and they make me drool because I LOVE glass things! I'm thinking about using them for salads. We love to have bbq's with our friends in our little garden so they will get used again and again. This one has grapes on it, but a lot of the ones I see look like cut glass. I thought they would look nice with the silver trays.

I also have a bunch of other really neat glass things that I don't know where to put. They are more oneof-a-kind or too expensive to buy too many of. I am having a candy buffet, so that could be a possibility?...Ideas?

Wine ceremony? If we do one...or decor?

This is 12" tall, and really pretty. Candy buffet? Or put succulents in it? I don't know, but I have to use it somewhere.

I was thinking about making these into terrariums, but I don't know where I would put them. They are 13" tall. I can get more of these.

I'm also collecting these vases. I would love to use them as centerpieces, but I'm not sure how to arrange them on picnic tables so they don't take up too much room. They sure are pretty all together.

Black lace that I'm considering for the tables

Tables...these tables have big green umbrellas that can be used to shade the tables...not that I love them, but we can use them. Our guests might appreciate it.
I need to figure out how to make these tables pretty.

Like I said,this is long, but this is what we are thinking about right now, and would love to get some input.

How would feel if you were attending this wedding? Would you think it's pretty? That really matters to me.
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