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Parchment Envelopes

Alright you crafty mistresses of all things retro and vintage.

We are ordering our INVITES and RSVPs through Zazzle. They are decently priced and the only place I could find what I wanted. Though the cards won't truly be parchment we are wanting parchment (or parchment-like) envelopes. The cards come with plain white envelopes but...yuck (no offense to those with white envelopes they just don't go with our colors or theme).

I am having trouble finding parchment envelopes. I know they sell some at like Office Depot for snazzy business letters, but I need a 3.5" x 5" envelope for the RSVPs, a 5" x 7" inner envelope, and something slightly bigger to mail them.

We are THINKING about sealing our inner envelope with sealing wax, but I'm starting to wonder about postage. I'm still going to order the sealing wax and seal and practice to see what I can do with it. BUT regardless I need those 3 sizes! Help!
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