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Just beginning... 1950s nautical

Hi Everyone, I just got engaged, and FI and I just set our wedding to be Aug 2010 in the Finger Lakes region of NY.

I'm planning on having a 1950s nautical theme going on. I'm JUST beginning so I literally have nothing planned except for my venue ( I am planning on using the color yellow, but beyond that I don't know yet! Any thoughts??

Re: Just beginning... 1950s nautical

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    Congrats and welcome! I'm doing a 1950's beachy theme. I started off by googling different combinations of words, so you might try yellow nautical or 1950s yellow or 1950s nautical. Then you can find ideas that you either like or don't like, and then things start to make more sense and you can see everything much more clearly. What other colors are you thinking of doing? I guess a navy blue would be really standard nautical and that could have a really fresh preppy look to it. I've seen some really cute (I think they're on the knot) nautical inspired vintage looking save the dates or invitations, I can't remember, that have instructions on how to tie a navy knot on the front, if you got really creative, you could probably diy something similar. I really love googling inspiration boards, they give you such great ideas of a general look to go toward. Here's one I found that happens to have some yellow in it.

    Even if you hate it, at least you've elimated possibilites, which helps to make planning less overwhelming too! HTH!

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    Hello. Congrats. Welcome.

    ps I love the 1950s beach movies what great inspiration

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    I think yellow could be really cool, and I loved the inspiration board posted by kitkat.  You could definitely have a lot of fun with that theme!  When I think of "nautical 1950's" I autimatically think of primary colours--cherry reds, royal blues and sunshine yellows... and stripes!  Maybe you'd like these photos...

    I definitely think you should start collecting inspiration photos.  They don't necessarily have to be wedding related, just start building a folder of photos that reflect the character or tone of what you'd like your wedding to be... or even just photos that catch your attention.  Let us know how your ideas develop!
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    I think that's an awesome idea! Have you thought of any details yet? You could incorporate some sort of vintage nautical tattoo design into the invitations, STDs or the centerpieces if you're into that sort of thing, like an anchor or heart with a banner.
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