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A beautiful collection of ceremony readings.

There was a bride on my gothic weddings board looking for ceremony readings. She was looking for something that included a memorial for some loved ones that had passed away. I thought it sounded beautiful so I started searching. I didn't find exatly what she was looking for, but I know that if she wanted she could add a memorial candle ligthing to one of the ceremonies that was most fitting for her situaion.

I was scared to respond because that is actually the part of my own wedding that I wanted to avoid. As sensitive and sentimental of a person I am, I was scared to have to search for a reading or write my own vows! I found this site that offers a  collection of ceremony readings that are mostly non-religious, but are still very spiritual. I actually found one for our wedding!!!

Here's the link if anyone needs it.I believe only the first 5 readings are free, but that was enough for me to read through. I chose reading #3 because it involved children bringing a gift to the couple during the ceremony. I was so excited to find this! It was absolutely perfect for us! The other readings are just as amazing...

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Re: A beautiful collection of ceremony readings.

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    Those were beautiful.  I'm thinking of using this in our wedding readings:

    Kahlil Gibran:
      "You were born to be together, and together you shall be forevermore.

    You shall be together when the wings of death scatter your days.
    Ay, you shall be together even in your silent memory.
    But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
    And let the winds of the heaven dance between you.
    Love one another, but make not a bondage of love.
    Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
    Fill each other's cup, but drink not from one cup.
    Give one another of your bread, but eat not of the same loaf.
    Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each of you be alone,
    Even as the strings of a lute are alone, though they quiver with the same music.
    Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping,
    For only the hand of life can contain your hearts.
    And stand together, yet not too near together,
    For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
    And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in shadow."

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    Those are lovely. We've been looking at some readings already and so far are really sold on Taylor Mali's "Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog". Not very elegant, but very "us". Taylor Mali is one of my favorite poets, and so far we're kind of sticking with poetry, unless we can find something literary that really strikes us.

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    I love this one. You can search by poet, by century, by nationality.
    And they, of course, have a whole section of love poems.
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