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New to board & want opinions on decor

Hi everyone!  I just got engaged last Sunday, and getting married 09/08/2012.  I have plenty of time to plan but I'm so excited... I've already been spending way to much time on theknot!  I have an idea for centerpieces and dinnerware, just wanted everyone's opinions.

How about this for a centerpiece - vintage tins filled with tightly bunded flowers (not sure what variety just yet).  The base of the tin tightly surrounded by tealights in baby food jars.  Tin and candles possibly sitting atop a vinyl record.  Going for vintage of course but I don't want it to look tacky! 

For dinnerware, I love the idea of mismatched old plates (thrift store, borrowed, etc.).  How does everyone feel about that?  I know that others have done the same idea - did you like the effect?  Maybe for the centerpiece I could set the tin and candles atop another old plate instead of a record.  I love music though so I'd like to incorporate that if you think it would look good.  Once I get some materials together I'll make a few prototypes and post pictures.

Finally, for the gift table, I have an old leather train case (about the size of those old Caboodles) for cards.  Any other ideas?
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