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Calling all Kar Kulture Fans...some ideas we have come up with

Since me and my future hubby not only love Kar Kulture but we actualy met at a all rat rod car show. It has become an unofficial secondary theam. We are pinstriping almost EVERYTHING! Our glasses, our guest book, our cake surving stuff, our place cards. Granted my future hubby is a pinstriper as am I so we can do it on the cheap, but I thought it might be a cool idea to throw out there for other brides who dig Kar Kulture. We wanted to do a pinstriped look to the cake but couldn't quite figure out how to do this and have it look right so we dicided on tattoo flash insted. And the cake topper will be a rat rod model car with pinstriping(of course!), a just married sign and tiny PBR cans tied to the bumper. And of course the transpertation will be a '32 t bucket hot rod!
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