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What makes something "vintage"?

The post below had me thinking.  How do you define something that is vintage? I'm originally from the retro board and I actually see vintage and retro as two separate things. I'm wondering what other people's thoughts are on this subject.

Re: What makes something "vintage"?

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    I also consider them both two different things but what they do have in common is they are old in the past history and I think that is why they combined them. I guess I consider 60s to the 80s retro and before that vintage. This is just my own opinion though

    I dont know if the pix help but here is my vision of



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    My cutoff is probably the 1950's.  Anything in the 1950's starts seeming "retro" for me, and before that is still vintage.

    It's nice to have these boards, though, because there are plenty of us who like retro and vintage things!
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    Retro and vintage are the same thing, technically. Retro = "of an earlier time", vintage = "old or outmoded"

    I really consider what most people consider "retro" to be vintage, as well. I would rather refer to things by the actual time period or style- mod, art deco, 40's, turn-of-the-century, etc. 

    However to be understood I will sometimes call any style prior to the 40's "vintage" and anything after "retro" 
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