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Hey ladies!  Who is wearing a crinny, what does it look like, and are you going to dye it? 

Here was mine (click pictures).  (Dye instructions below)

I bought the dye packs, and followed the instructions.  I bought a mermaid cut white crinoline (instead of ivory, because white will pick up the dye better), added salt to my washing machine.  Used very hot water, and dyed it!  I used Dylon multi-purpose tins for my top load washer.  I used two tins--one was the colour "orchid" and the other was "windsor purple".  The lycra/cotton upper part didn't pick up the dye at all (which is good because I didn't want any chance of it showing through my dress) but the tulle bottom picked it up brilliantly.  The velcro part along the waist did pick up the purple, though, which you can see in the first picture. It didn't show up at all through the liner layer of my dress, though. 
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