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NEW HERE? Planning Bio Roll Call--April

Hey ladies and gents!

**NOTE** before posting your bio link, please read the [[SAFETY ISSUES]] sticky.

If you would like your bio to be added to the Retro & Vintage Knottie Bio List (<--click) please include the following information:

Planning bio url: (you don't need to make it a clicky)

Wedding date: (month day, year)

Retro/vintage era inspiration: (example: "1940s" or "General")  Please write "general" if you don't have a main era of inspiration, and are drawing inspiration from a variety of eras.

Wedding colours: (main colour is written first, followed by accent colours)

Wedding theme/Inspiration:  Include UNDER 10 WORDS describing your wedding inspiration/theme.  (example: WWII garden tea party)


On the first of every month I'll be updating this Roll Call sticky to make it easier on me. :P

Lastly, I've also added a bio page for our married knotties.  Check out their bios here.  You may find some vintage/retro For Sale items!

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Re: NEW HERE? Planning Bio Roll Call--April

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    purple, orange, chocolate brown, ivory

    semi classy vintage halloween
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    1940's 'ish

    Purple, black, pewter
    Lisa and Jared 10.3.10
    Planning Bio(clicky) Updated 10/1/10
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    NukkeNukke member
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    Lisa--you don't want any sort of description?  A short blurb about your wedding?
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    Wedding date: June 2011?

    Retro/vintage era inspiration: 1870s-1880s Victorian 

    Wedding colors: dusky green & pink

    Wedding theme/Inspiration:  Victorian mansion
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    Don't have a planning bio, sorry

    June 26, 2010

    Victorian Specifically 1865

    Inspiration: Charles Dodgson, commonly referred to as Lewis Carroll and his books. (except the math ones)
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    Planning bio url:

    Wedding date: april 22, 2010 (ten days!!)

    Retro/vintage era inspiration: victorian-ish

    Wedding colours: orange and grey

    Wedding theme/Inspiration:  whimsical victorian steampunk

    married :: april 22, 2010 :: sodo park, seattle Photobucket
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    Hi Nukke!

    Since you wish the next bride-to-be good luck, I just wanted to let you know that my wedding date is May 19. Also under my theme could you please remove "with a laidback country feel." Thanks!
    Sunshine_zps3fcf529f BabyFruit Ticker
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    My name is Nicole, and I do not have a URL yet - I am brand new to this, so I will have to update you guys with some information in time.

    Wedding Date: 05.19.2012 (yes, far in Advance...but I will be going through Nursing school, so this is a must!)

    Wedding Colors We Like: Ivory, Gold, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Gray (the whole freaking rainbow and some basically)

    General. (I like Victorian, and 1920's-1950's)

    We want a Modern-Vintage feel. Smile
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    Hi! I am Shawnee, I am  new so no BIO yet

    June 25 2011


    Turquoise, pewter, black, and white

    Retro/Mordern and fun... I really have no idea what I am doing!
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