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What makes your wedding vintage?

So this board is super slow but its my favorite. I do need some more inspiration on how to make my day more vintage-y. So far I have a vintage cake topper, a ring bearer pillow which i am not to happy with, hankys for tears of joy, typewriter guestbook, and i might be missing a few odds and ends. But i feel people wont get the (general) vintage theme. And it might be more of a garden party theme. So does anyone have any more ideas or inspiration for me? Also if you just want to share what makes your wedding vintage it might help too:) Oh my flower girls (my daughter) dress is made out of my great grandmothers 1930's wedding dress. Please help I want a vintage wonderland LOL I am up for short stories and pics. I am very very bored. (kids are sleeping they have colds have to be quiet) Thanks in advance

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    ahh nobody's on hereCry Please make my life more interesting LOL
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    Some ideas I have (but may not neccessarily be doing) are:

    -vintage birdcage veil or victorian veil
    -vintage brooch on your dress/bouquet (check flea markets)
    -vintage toasting flutes (we may do blue glass)
    -vintage looking picture frames with old pictures of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents on their wedding day
    -ask your grandmother for lace to use as tablecloth overlays
    -ask your mother/grandmother for any vintage jewelry you or your bridal party could wear
    -old wood with your names or wedding and an arrow printed on it pointing to the reception
    -Mason Jars!!
    -research vintage hairstyles-finger waves
    -vintage car to drive you and your new hubbie off into the sunset

    Here is a good link, too:

    Good Luck!
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    Definitely all the above mentioned by Jenna.  Also concentrate on yourself.  The bride is usually the main focal point of the wedding (sorry grooms) so if YOU look vintage, your wedding is going to look vintage.  Vintage makeup, hairstyles, accessories, etc are the way to go. 

    Having all kinds of little vintage details is great, but to really get the vintage point across, you should focus on your centrepieces.  Find or create something unique that is unmistakably vintage and you're gold.  For example, some of our vintage knotties are considering using lovely stacks of vintage books to place their floral centrepieces atop of. 

    The thing that is going to stand out most to my guests as being "vintage" is going to be my veil (probably doing victorian) and all the vintage photos of our families that will be throughout the reception area.  Also, we're playing some of my favourite vintage-y music for the cocktail hour.  (You can check my planning bio for the list).  There are tons of little details, too, but those will probably make the biggest impression. 

    My favourite vintage detail is my engagement ring. :D 
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    So this will be our centerpieces. Some with red roses and some with white flowers (havent decided which kind yet) All the vases are vintage some being old bottles, some clear mason jars others the old teal ball mason jars, and also dollarstore straight and simple cheapos. I plan to just mix it up. So do you have any ideas how to make it more "vintage"

    ps I have rusted numbers too.

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    Also since were on the subject I havent figures out if i want runners yet. I will have white linens but i guess I havent really found vintage-y fabric in my colors (tiffany blue and red) Do you have any more ideas for me? Thanks SOOOO much you gals are great
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    They're pretty vintage and sweet already, but I can see what you mean about the "garden party" worry.  Maybe put them ontop of some vintage doilies or some cool vintage coasters! 

    I've also seen mason jars with doilies or old photos on the inside,  but honestly, I think yours are lovely because of their simplicity.

    Anyway, here's a little blog with both of those ideas I mentioned (sorta)
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    Hmm. Sorry I'm no help here in regards to your question about adding more vintiage elements.

    I'm from the retro board, so we're doing bold patterns, brighter colors and 50's inspired dresses.  I'd actually be on an "other" board but they don't have one.  Sorry I'm not more help. the title of your post made me curious what others define vintage as, so I had to click.
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    What was really helpful for me was to pick a theme and an era. We chose the 50's, and since we're getting married on the beach, there is a beachy theme. Then I googled those keywords and came up with a lot of inspiration pics. Some of the vintage things we're planning are: the ever popular birdcage veil, with a fascinator made out of an antique brooch I've had forever, I'm wearing my mother's wedding jewelry, which is very simple and understated, my dress is going to be tea length  and 50's style. For favors we're thinking of doing rock candy, which seems vintage-y to me. The restaurant we're having our reception at just happens to play Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra music all night long, so that ties in as well. We're going for very simple, so everything sort of has this cleanness about it in terms of design and whatnot. If you're going for a garden party theme, you could do things like centerpieces made up of tea cups or tea pots from flea markets and thrift shops and garage sales, etc. The font on my invites is vintage-looking. As far as table runners, it depends on what era you want. If you're going for 20's, do something art deco, if it's 50's polka dots might work, if you want victorian, then go for something brocade or damask. If you narrow it down past just "vintage" it gets easier, because then you have a point of reference. Hope that helps!!

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    Try looking for fabrics on or Calico Corners...they have a lot for table runners.
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    In Response to <a href="">What makes your wedding vintage?</a>:
    [QUOTE]But i feel people wont get the (general) vintage theme. And it might be more of a garden party theme. [/QUOTE]

    I don't think guests get themes unless you go all out.  Almost like a costume party type thing.  I think if it looks nice and has a general feel for what you want, then go for it.

    I think the main thing about my wedding that is "vintage" is the venue.  Other than that, I am just trying to throw in elements, such as the one's you mentioned (the handkercheifs, the veil, etc...) to give an overall vibe.  I think you are on the right track.
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    thanks everyone I got some great advise
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