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"Al Capone" inspired wedding & reception... suggestions?

FI and I came to a conclusion on our venue today. Not only is it perfect for what we want, but it is rumored to have once been a regular hangout for Al Capone, with underground passageways that have been blocked off for many years, lookout balconies, and a basement vault...

The grand ballroom we'll be using has an old horseshoe bar in it with leather booths, along with one of the above-mentioned lookout balconies. The stage (where the head table will sit) is rumored to have had Frank Sinatra and other timeless classic crooners perform on it...

We were looking to do something a little different in terms of the wedding to begin with, so we're hoping to infuse some "1920's Al Capone classic gangster era" inspiration into things (as well as the Frank Sinatra classic feel). However, we do not want the ENTIRE wedding centered around this - the overall look/feel is "simple elegance" (if that makes sense?).

We will be trying to find fedoras to match the GM's tuxes, and I'm going to try to surprise FI with a classic 1930's limo for the two of us (he's big into cars). I thought such a classic car might be fun to involve in the photos, as well.

Any suggestions as to the table centerpieces? Any other little touches we can do? I'm really not great when it comes to being creative... so HELP! haha Thanks everyone!
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