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Aww, I just had such a heartfelt moment with a sweet little old man who was in my store. I was sampling big band & swing music for our wedding and this little old man just lit up. He was so happy to hear the songs and he pointed out his feet and how they were trying to dance and he just couldn't help it.

He is 88 years old and was telling me about how he used to see "all these guys" at the local club when he was in high school and how some of them even played at his high school. He saw Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Sinatra. He started to get teary eyed because it was "such a great time" for him to remember. I love how music touches people and is like a time machine.

He told me I just have to play Tommy Dorsey at my wedding and that he never did like that Bing Crosby because he seemed like a wimp. Ha!

We will be playing some Tommy Dorsey in his honor at my wedding.
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    How amazing!  Matt and I just finished watching one of my favourite movies Swing Kids and were just saying how cool it would be to meet some of these old folks who used to tear it up like that.  That's would be so cool!
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    That's just awesome! Kinda reminds me of when I was trying on dresses this spring. I met a woman at JCPenney's when I was in the dressing room. She was about 90 years old. I was talking to my fiance' about how I feel so naked with a dress on, and the old woman chimed up and said "but all the young ladies will be wearing dresses for the springtime." It was so sweet! You'd better listen to what he said! ;)
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    aww that kind of interaction with complete stangers makes me feel all happy inside :) how sweet

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