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Vineyard Weddings

Color ideas?

OK ladies, So my name is Katie. My fiance Shawn and I are getting married next fall at a vineyard just south of St. Louis. I need some ideas for colors. I want a vintage-inspired look but also want to keep some aspects of the vineyard in our day. Any ideas? My first idea was a chocolate brown, baby pink and cream. Then I discovered a deep red bouquet in a magazine and feel in love. I've also really loved the pairing of jewel tones....ie eggplant, emerald, a deep red and a deep pink. Just trying to figure out how I'd work that out. I've thought about having the BM wear brown or black and have their bouquets be in those colors or just the opposite. I'm a visual person so any pics or links are definitely appreciated. Thanks. Katie

Re: Color ideas?

  • We're using a middle tone red (like a claret color) dark brown and blossom/blush pink. But I also like eggplant since that color plays into the vineyard color scheme. Think about what would complement your venue. We choose red and brown because our venue is a restored 130 yo barn. The colors inside is a light brown natural wood color, so we wanted something that would go well with that color scheme.
  • We are using eggplant (it's Lapis from DB), with touches of lavender, black, silver, gold, and white. I loooove the jewel tones with a winery theme. It looks so rich and luxurious. However, I just went to a wedding a few weeks ago that was chocolate, pink, and cream and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. If you tied in the deep red with those colors, I think it would look gorgeous.
  • We're using a plum/eggplant purple color and a dark sage green. Also adding in bits of a burnt orange kind of color for a little something more interesting. I think in my bio there's a pic with hydrangea, roses and greenery that's kind of where we're headed.
  • I was engaged before, but called the wedding off. BM dresses were chocolate brown and flowers were red, orange and yellow. I love chocolate brown for a fall wedding.
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