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FL Vineyard??

I would LOVe to have a wineyard wedding, however I realize Florida isnt the ideal place! Anyone know of any great local vineyard venues? I live in Tampa and wouldnt mind traveling about 2 hours for the right place. thanks for your suggestions!
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Re: FL Vineyard??

  • Check out - Lakeridge Winery, it's about half way between Orlando and Gainesville. I've personally passed it several times and it looks nice, but I've never stopped. Also, I found this website - which lists all the vineyards in florida. There are 29 so hopefully that'll help you? Let me know if you visit any or find something beautiful. I'm looking to do a vineyard wedding myself...on a low budget, so keep me updated!!!

    Good Luck!
  • Here is a link that has a list of all the Florida Vineyards.

    Good Luck!
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  • Hi wondering if anyone on this post ever found a place for a vineyard wedding here in florida. I am in south florida. I know there isn't any wineries here that do weddings but was wondering if you ladies know of a place that may be perfect for a vineyard style wedding ? thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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