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Why did you choose a winery/vineyard theme?

I had originally wanted royal blue, lime green, and turquiose to be my colors.  After doing a ton of googling on the internet and going on sites like the Knot and weddingbee I found something that changed my mind.
My FI chose for us to go to the wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley in CA.  I would have never thought that I would use it for the theme of my wedding but when I say this neat idea of giving names to tables instead of numbers (the example was actually giving names of casino games) I just knew I had to change my theme.

I have now changed my colors to incorporate the rich jewel colors of a vineyard but refuse to get rid of the royal blue. To help make it look more conducive I have included navy blue, deep purple, and burgundy. I am also using some light blue  and lots of ivory to lighten up the room since it is candlelight diming room (very romantic).

Do you have any similar stories on why you chose your theme???

Re: Why did you choose a winery/vineyard theme?

  • Kevin and I live about 45 minutes from the Finger Lakes wine region (in NY).  It is our favorite place to spend the weekend or just a day... we will turn off our cell phones, pack a picnic and just drive through the beautiful lakes, stopping at wineries here and there to taste.  It is like taking a trip (even if just for a few hours) to some far-away fantasy land... it is just so gorgeous and peaceful.  We absolutely love it and couldn't picture our special day anywhere else.
    Also, Kevin proposed at one of our favorite wineries on Seneca Lake, which makes the place even more special.
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  • We love wine and wine tasting! We love that life slows down and the nature involved in vineyards! All our family members live near different CA winery regions! We just feel at peace!
  • actual, i had no intentions of having a vineyard wedding initially. i was sure i wanted a traditional wedding in a church. luckily, i have an AMAZING moh who talked me in to at least looking at different places, just to be sure. i went to a local historic park and looked at an activity barn, gazebo, and church, and it was beautiful, but it just didnt feel like me. we went to three other churchs, two mansions, and another gazebo/garden. after a LONGGG day of looking, we made our final stop at maria's vineyard. the moment we pulled into the driveway, i fell in love! everything about it was just perfect!! and i had already decided that i wanted my colors to be yellow, purple, and green, so it all works out perfectly!
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  • This may be silly, but I'm not having a winery/vineyard theme, that just happens to be the place I fell in love with & want to get married in!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Why did you choose a winery/vineyard theme?</a>:
    [QUOTE]This may be silly, but I'm not having a winery/vineyard theme, that just happens to be the place I fell in love with & want to get married in!
    Posted by kimp67[/QUOTE]

    same here!  the location is just gorgeous!
  • My FI lives in Sonoma and works in the wine industry. We've been long distance and most of that has been since he's lived there. We practically fell in love in the vineyards,and will make our life in Sonoma, so we couldn't not get married there! 
  • Mooselissa - I grew up in Sonoma! That is where my FI and I are getting married both because we love wine and I coudln't image getting married anywhere else then a Vineyard. We aren't having a wine theme but we do have bottle stoppers for our favors as well as LOTS of wine to drink!

    It is difficult to not love both wine when you grow up around so much great wine!
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