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Hi ladies!

I just put a mock up of my wine centerpieces on my wedding bio. They are almost complete minus the mirror tile and votive candles that will encircle the centerpiece.

This is just an example of 1 centerpiece but we have about 25 tables that will have a wine bottle from a different winery that we have visited together, as well as a little story held by a wine cork holder and a few pictures of us at the winery.

What are you centerpiece ideas? Any wine-inspired ones? I would LOVE to see them!

Re: Wine Centerpieces

  • Hey! We are not having our wedding at a vineyard but I have decent been thinking of using wine bottles as part of our centerpieces. I was thinking about something like this . .

    I also thought that something even more simple would be nice. Like this . .

    I think what you have looks very nice!
  • I was just thinking I needed some help with centerpieces for my vineyard wedding and this post is perfect.  I would love to hear your ideas!

  • we are getting married at a winery, and we are having red grapes as part of our centerpieces. we'll be putting 2-3 bottles of wine on the tables for our guests to enjoy though! :)
  • As I parousing around, I found this website! It shows how one person chose to make winebottle centerpieces!

    Hope you like it!
  • I am new to this board, and while our wedding isn't in a vineyard, we are doing several wine themed decorations.  Our centerpieces will be something along these lines:

    I think instead of flowerswe might do fake fall leaves, as our wedding is in October but I haven't found any in craft stores yet to be able to do a mockup! 
  • We will be doing somthing similar as well.  We will be re-labeling wine bottles with our own label and putting a single rose in each.  We also found a website that will create personalized wine corks which we will sprinkle on each table.
    Also (not sure what everyone's budjet is) Michael's sells these totally awesome huge wine/champagne glasses which we may use to hold either a floating candle or dark purple sand (to look like it's 1/2 full fo wine) or something else.
    Every week there is usually a 40% off coupon in the paper... so... every week my fiancee and I go to Michael's and each buy one.  (They are normally $16 a piece, so we will buy 2 a week for as long as we need to until we have enough... I am so NOT paying full price!!  haha)
    Anyway, if you are sticking with a wine/vineyard theme... check them out... totally cute!
    We may actually get one engraved with "bride" and one with "groom" and place them on the table in the front near the gifts along with some smalls cards and invtie our guests to share words or wisdom or luck then drop them into the wine glasses... sort of like a wishing well with a vineyard twist.
    Hope this helps with ideas ladies!!!
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