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Rental Car Dilemma

Here's the Scoop.. For our honeymoon in Jan-Feb 2014 all of the places we've looked at so far are great buuut I'm almost 100% positive you have to be 25 to get a rental car?  Correct me if I'm mistaken.  FI will be 24- 5 months short and I'll be 23.  We like Hawaii but alot of the things we want to do would require a car or a car would make it that much more enjoyable.

Any suggestions on Honeymoon locations where you can still explore but might not necessarily need a car?

PS: We are using his family's timeshare "days"(? correct term) So all inclusive resorts are pretty limited unless they happen to fall under one of the timeshares.. looking more for locations in general.

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Re: Rental Car Dilemma

  • We rented one when we were underage. They usually charge an extra fee. I think most places were around $15 extra a day for being inbetween 21 and 24.


  • Yes, PP is right, they just charge more!
  • Nope, I rented a car at 21. Check Enterprise - I think they rent to anyone over 18. Some people say it will cost you more, but I didn't find that to be the case. There were, however, a few types of cars (I think SUVs and convertibles) I couldn't rent while under 25.

    What kind of timeshare do they have? The only non-car kind of vacations I can think of are all-inclusives, urban vacations (New York, London, Paris) or theme parks (Disney in Orlando).
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  • You could get around Bermuda without a car.  We got a multi-day bus/ferry pass.
  • I know Hertz and Enterprise do charge underage fee's as I have to rent cars often for work (2-3 a week). I just double checked on Enterprise's website and under terms and fee's it states "Young driver fee applicable to renters under 25 years old."

    We are going to DC in October and planning on taking public transportation. Also check out New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, etc. Those are all places you can take public transportation.


  • We have rented with Dollar and Alamo recently and both would have charged more if we were under 25, but check around with some of the other rental agencies and see if that's the case. Either way, someone under 25 still COULD have rented, just for more money per day.

    I agree that you really need a car in Hawaii unless you only want to stay at the timeshare, which would be a shame in Hawaii. Places where rental cars aren't necessary: locations where you want to stay at the resort like an AI (caribbean or Mexico) or urban vacations (just got back from San Fran and used public transportation and cabs the whole time).

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  • no debit cards for under 25 typically, just a heads up. Zipcar or some mom and pop places will rent under 25 with no fee
  • Likes PP's said, you can rent under age of 25; it's just a higher fee/insurance rate bc statically they think younger age drivers are more likely to be in an accident.
  • Thanks so much everyone!  For some reason we were under the impression that you just couldn't.  That changes our list a ton as far as options.
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