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Videographer under 3k

Hey girls,
I am really bummed....I am having a hard time finding a videographer under 3k that we really really like...does anyone have any recs? We are going to meet with Michael LaFrance, my treasure films, mxi, reinhardt and key moments. I have left blueshore and focused on forever 2 messages and emailed them for pricing. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Videographer under 3k

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    Also try Belvedere Films

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    FREEMIND STUDIOS!!! I am obsessed, i literally check their website like once a month just to sit and watch the videos. SO gorgeous. 

    I booked over 8 months ago so prices may have gone up for 2011 but I was under 3K for their all day coverage & 4 minute short film (that are amazing)

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    freemind is booked :-(
    belvedere starts at 4k
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    I am using MXI so I am no help but I will say that when I was on my hunt for this, the vendors you have mentioned that you will be meeting with were the ones who fell within that price range.

    My budget was $1k at first, I raised it in the end but went no where near $3k.
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    I'm using MXI Studios too.  I've also heard of Ever Clear Productions, Artistic Film Productions, Utopia Video Productions, Simply Captivating, Clear Vision Pictures, and Captivated Films.  Not sure where they land on pricing though.  HTH, good luck!
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    Check Evolving Media .... He does the editing for many of the more expensive companies.

    His prices are the best I found -- under 3K
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    I used Bonnelly Productions.  HTH!
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    I used Blueshore
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    thanks! I contacted all of them :-)
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