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Hey Ladies,

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am back as a MRS. AHHHHHH! It really feels great to be married!!! Everything went great. My hubby surprised me with personal vows (which we both balled hysterically during, I cried all my make up off but it was so worth it because it meant the world to me). He also made a video slideshow of the two of us from when we were first born up until the current time that he presented during the reception.  It was sooooo sweet! I cried a lot during our wedding, but in a very good way!!!!!

The only problems that took place happened before the wedding. If I could give any advice to you girls, it would be to have less bridesmaids! Girls can be plain mean and I am honestly the most easy going bride ever! I didn't make them do their hair or make up any certain way. I was so open to everything, which I think is why a few of the girls were so catty. I had one girl start telling the hair stylist how she should do my hair. Really???? I geuss it is true what other brides have said in the past,  girls can be jealous and will try to bring you down! Remember not to let them!!!!

Thanks to Lorena, I actually printed out her regrets post that she wrote right after she got married about how things will go wrong and others will try to ruin it for you.  It really is about you and your hubby and you can't let them ruin your day! Thanks Lorena for that, it's because of you that I had the best day of my life and was super happy with a huge smile on my face all day long=).

I am patiently waiting for our pictures and the video recap. I should have them in the next few weeks and will post them as soon as I get them. I did get a few teasers that I just posted on my facebook and am dying to see the rest.

Well we just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and we are still trying to get settled. I am working on wedding reviews and am hoping to have those done for you girls asap!

Hope everyone is doing great. There are a lot of weddings coming up and I am so excited for all you girls!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!
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