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Accountability Ladies! AW and advice needed

So today I did level 1 of the 30 day shred (I've been doing different levels to switch it up) and did all the push ups the normal way (like no knees on the ground!) I was so excited that I had to tell someone!

So now to the advice needed. I usually do okay with Thanksgiving because I don't like the stuffed feeling, but with Christmas coming up and parties and such, how do you limit yourself and not graze as it is so easy to do?   I try and try, but sometimes that extra sweet is just so tempting!

Re: Accountability Ladies! AW and advice needed

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    Yay on the real pushups!  I remember feeling so accomplished once I hit that stage!  I also like switching up the 30DS levels...I get bored doing the same one day after day.

    Eat before you go to the parties, so you aren't hungry there.  Although even with that, I can't resist my sweets. 

    My best advice is to always be holding something. I like to bring a clutch so I am holding that in one hand and then holding a drink, usually water, in my other hand.  If your hands are full, it makes it harder and more awkward to graze. 

    Also, if it's a party where you have to bring something, bring something that is somewhat healthy, so if you do feel the urge to graze, you know that there will be a healthy option for you!  (Btw...if you're like me and are the type of person who likes to bake instead of bring apps, check out chocolatecoveredkatie.com.  She's got this healthy vegan cookie dough "dip" that sounds fantastic).
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    I agree with Ally to eat before you go.  I just did the shred the other night too I was so sore from the squats it hurt to sit down to pee lol.  My legs were so sore!  I need to do it again tonight.  I have only done level 1.  What is your favorite level.  And I totally did the knee pushups I am not there yet with the normal ones.
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    Thanks guys! I don't know why I hadn't thought of eating a full meal before going, and the keeping the hands full trick I am totally going to use!  

    I think I like level 3 the most right now because it pushes me the most (not that I'm not sore after the others).  I've been trying to do it every day to relieve stress and it is definitely helping.  I haven't gotten on the scale in a while, but my body just feels better and that is the most important thing to me.
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    Go JenJen, so cool.  I finally get to start Physical Therapy tonight in my trip back from knee surgery.....Must admit I am pumped!

    Drink lots of water before hand, so you feel full.  I also love the carrying items in your hands trick...
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    You ladies have some good ideas! I usually just give myself a slap in the face whenever I want more food. Actually if I feel full, I stop. I just picture myself being fat and I tell myself that I will feel terribly guilty if I eat more- that works for me.

    Maybe set a limit for yourself- like you're only allowed to have 1 sweet/junk food for 2 healthy food option (if there is any)?
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    I usually try and eat beforehand so therefore I'm full.  I think the holding stuff in your hands is a good idea and I'm definitely stealing that idea!

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    woot woot for the push-ups!!! YAY!!!  I just stay away from the food area...and I am drinking water the entire day so I don't overdo myself at dinner or have the urge to graze.

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