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Need some recommendations...

I haven't been around too much on this board because I get so caught up on my month board (since they are all in the same time frame as I am) and then when I remember to pop over here there is SO much to sort through that I've missed...! Thing is that you girls can a lot more helpful in areas that they can't with local recommendations :)

I am realy drawing a blank for hair and makeup. And its hard because most of you girls aren't as far north as I am (I live right on the eastern border of Martin and St Lucie counties). Our wedding is going to take place hopefully at our church (2 minutes from northern Martin county) and then our reception is on Hutchinson Island in Jensen Beach. I don't want to travel too far (30 minutes TOPS, preferably less...) for hair and makeup. I originally wanted airbrushing but all I am coming up with is astronomical prices. So now I am starting to wonder if I may just do my own makeup if I can find an amazing foundation and powder that will cover all blemishes and not go anywhere for the duration. The rest of my makeup would work, just I always strike out on foundation. I am also struggling on where to go for hair...whether I can find someone to come to me for the same price range as going to a salon...I honestly don't know what my budget is, maybe $75 for hair? Any recommendations you can give would be AMAZING...thanks so much ladies!

I hope you all have amazing Thanksgivings with friends and family! :)

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